July 10, 2009

Uber productive.

For probably the first time this whole summer vacation, I had a productive day yesterday. It felt invigorating and exciting. I was happy to be enjoying the fresh air.

My mom and I set out a little before one in the afternoon with the intent to go pick up tickets we ordered for the local Summer Fine Arts production of the musical, Miss Saigon. Based on a phone call received earlier in the day though, we decided to go last night rather than tonight. Tonight I get to babysit. I don't like passing up opportunities to earn some money, as well as experience. However, halfway to pick up the tickets, we estimated we wouldn't be there in time and would just do will call instead. Still on the road, we headed to my high school to pick up scores for this state-wide standardized test we take grades 3-11. I think I've mentioned it before; it's called FCAT, or more aptly-named in my view, total blegh. I got what I figured I would: not perfect or close to perfect, but certainly above the mean. These tests are serious, yet I think the ACT and SAT do a much, much, better job of assessing a student and their academic level.

Anyway, my mom and I then turned and started heading to this thrift store about an half an hour drive from our home to donate clothes. I've been there before to do just that, donate. But this time I was curious and walked through the actual store part of the small place.

I was attracted to this black and white purse on a shelf. It only cost two dollars and I was thrilled. We walked into this room with multiple shelves of paperbacks. My mom [who might as well be a book collector] wasted no time and began scanning the books. We ended up with seven, a quarter each. Including a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She also found these hardcover story books she remembers having as a child and purchased each of them for a buck.

Next stop: the library, a book lover's heaven. It's a library I've never been in before, but since it's within county limits, my library card is valid for any books there. [One reason I love the library even more.] I walked through the youth area and spotted a section dedicated to the list of Teen Read books I've been beyond eager to read. They had a copy of almost all of the total fifteen books and without being a total selfish whatever, only took six. Hehe. I am super duper happy!

We had a couple of returns to make at Target, so we went. There was a fairly good selection of junior clothes and I got some. Okay, and the more interesting part of the story was a cart returner/employee who caught my eye. [According to my mom, I caught his, too, especially when I wasn't looking at him.] Later when I was packing stuff in my car, [and my mom was texting my brother. She was acting more like the teen! I love it.] the cute cart returner was outside [coincidence?] doing his job, collecting the carts. Using my awesome 360 vision, I stalled long enough so that I could just give it to him. Oh my, oh my. Up close he was even more gorgeous and when he smiled, I promptly smiled back . He said "thank you," I said, "no problem," then turned around and felt my cheeks fluster...

Then we came home, ate dinner, and were off the musical. It was well put together, and all the leads had amazing voices. There's no good way to end an already fantastic day other than seeing your best friend twirl a flaming baton!

I love how the one good shot I got of the action happened to have her in an awkward pose. Ha, it's okay, she'll forgive me. :]


  1. An exciting and thrilling Thursday, awesome. Oh my, you are going to enjoy The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Some parts can be dull but all in all it's a book that's mandatory to read in life; it's a classic.

    I love the thrift store; the nearest one to my house is the Goodwill, and when I went a few weeks ago, I found fabulous finds. Ex. A brand new A&E green pant, a pink capris for the Gap, this awesome and weird looking black dress, a vest-looking thing from Express, and some light summer sweaters. A fun day, indeed.

    I want to go to a musical. I really want to see Billy Elliot and last year I wanted to go see the play, Frankenstein, but that didn't happen. 'Twas sad. :(

    Enjoy the books!

  2. Aw, I wish I had a life. Today I've done one of two things: plays Sims 2, and be online. It's pathetic, really.
    It's really all my friend's fault though :)

    Oooh, I've always wanted to go into a thrift shop! I really just want to buy new clothes. I have to remake my image in time for school. Woo! Yipee for makeovers!!!!

    No one ever asks me to babysit :( I've always wanted to.

    Oh, gosh, I love the library. We have the greatest library EVER over here. I haven't been there in literally a year, though. I gotta find me some good books!

    OMG CUTE TARGET GUYS! That's adorable. You should keep finding excuses to go back there and flirt with him ;)

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  3. i really like your blog!
    your header is amazing!
    i will be back!

  4. Days filled with books always turn out right somehow. I agree with Scarlett, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a right of passage-you gotta crack that one open once in your lifetime! I did my ninth grade summer reading essay on it because it was my favorite out of all the books we had to read that summer.

    Your mom sounds pretty swell. Texting and being your wing woman for cute Target boys? Epic.

    We have this really high class thrift store (isn't that an oxymoron?) but they sell extrememly nice old vintage things that are very pricey. I just like to browse but not buy because for those prices I could just get something new. Unless it's something amazing from another time period or something. I'm jealous that you have a sweet, reasonably priced, thrift to hit.

    Your best friend is amazing. Anyone who can swirl flaming batons automatically is in my book : )

    Your playlist has Once on it! Gahhh, I love that movie/soundtrack!You are awesome.
    This is all.

  5. great bag!


  6. Yes, it is Degas! His work is beautiful. I love going to libraries! It's nice to just take your time and browse around all the different reads :)

  7. thanks for the comment. and yeah, the minute i finished the first one i ran out and bought the other two. I am now the proud owner of the whole series. I just finished the third last night. also i have read fade and wake too, and they are a couple of my favorites too.

  8. Haha, you know I was kidding on most of that, right? :) I don't actually blame it on my friends. I blame in on my parents for never letting me do anything ;D

    Well, no, it's not necessary, but I'd like to...though it's not for the best reason. I hate the clothes I have now. They make me depressed :(

    Haha, my motivation is a little lacking. I wouldn't even know where to begin with advertisements. I've never taken classes (obviously). And all my friends with little sisters can watch their own little sisters. Haha, my mom tries to get the people at work to hire me, or so she says. I dunno. Whatever, right? I'd rather have a business making PowerPoints for people than babysitting.

    OMG, yes!!!!!!!

    Ahahaha, you should. Just don't buy something awkward, like a bra.

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  9. really, i think standardized tests are totally bizonkers in general. i don't even have a reason why, they are just all bizonkers.
    awww hehe cute cart boy story! :D

  10. Of course it is! Haha, there certainly are a lot. I couldn't get pictures.

    Charlotte Russe certainly does have good accessories.

    Um...weird...I can't find my last commment on here...so I don't know what you're saying "Ah, okay. Thanks." to.

    Haha, good idea. I'll probably read it at Barnes and Noble and then get both of the books. I love The Hunger Games :)

    DUDE, WHERE IS MY COMMENT? Sigh, I don't remember what I said.

    Reflad: the reflex to giggle. Teehee.