July 03, 2009

Water supply.

I have just returned from a cruising bike ride. It was pleasant and surprisingly not too unbearably hot. The wind I could do without, though. I traveled into this one neighborhood that before now I was never exactly allowed to explore alone. There is a sidewalk connecting them, so I took that and just went whereever, no route planned or anything. I enjoyed guessing which road would take me where. All the street names began with "B;" isn't that wild?

I wanted to go outside in my backyard to take pictures yesterday. However, as soon as I stepped onto this small porch and closed the front door, it started to rain. Not pouring, not sprinking, more like a cross between the two. A drizzle? So there I sat on the porch listening to the water drip off the soffit and form a small puddle on the walkway. At the same time I was texting a good friend's good friend. He and I were asking what the others favorite color was and things mundane-ish like that. Though I've never met him in person, I've gotten the impression he's a pretty sweet and thoughtful guy. Dating/boyfriend material? No, not for me. Yet there's nothing wrong with befriending new people.

I remember feeling the most niave when one day I was sitting outside eating a popscicle with my eyes trained on the sky. For several minutes I watched in awe as the clouds moved. I couldn't believe it, the clouds were moving. I rushed inside as fast as my five-year-old legs could take me and informed my mom of the shocking --to me, at least-- event. My mom was sympathetic and kindly explained that the earth is moving, and thus the clouds do, too. I still think it's rare we see the clouds floating by, but it's peaceful when we do.

Immediately after this shot, the bird flew out of the tangelo tree and into my neighbor's yard. Perhaps it didn't like it's picture taken. How it could tell, I wouldn't know since I was standing a fair distance away and remained on the ground, the zoom lens at the max.

And because it is unlikely I will post tomorrow, Happy Fourth of July to all fellow Americans reading this!


  1. Oh, crap, I forgot about that. It's fixed now! Aw, you're not inept.

    They don't annoy me so much as they bother me, which I guess is the same thing. I kinda feel bad for them. I guess that didn't really answer the question, did it?

  2. Yup. Haha. I'm so rude, aren't I?

    OMG, mine is vastra! Like Viagra, only vastra!

  3. It's been raining all week over here, and I love it!
    I love birds and was considering buying one, but then my dad reminded me how irresponsible I am. He's right. If it's not something school related, I can care less or am more forgetful.

    Happy 4th to you, too, which reminds I better go call my friend and tell him Happy Birthday! Gosh, forgetful me.

  4. I need to take my bike our for spin but it's just been far too hot. I get overwhelmed by humidity so quickly. I cannot wait until the season changes!

    It's supposed to start raining here as well although I will be welcoming it in the hopes it will cool down the hot weather.

    I have struggled to catch a bird in a photograph. You are lucky you got this little guy before he took flight. In Virginia we have cardinals everywhere and they are so beautiful!

    It's hard to notice the clouds slowly passing until you have the time to just stand still which is actually hard with how fast paced our lives are these days.

  5. Why thank you! I hope you do really well on everything as well! ♥ (:

    I loved reading this post. It's just so genuinley sweet and nice.

  6. Bike rides. Joyous events, I tell you. Especially the B streets. That's so cool.

    Watching the clouds always gives me a headache, so I don't do it too often :/

    Have a lovely fourth.

  7. Hahaha. Yeah, and sometimes I also spin around in circles and strangely enough I remember what ever it is that I forgot. The people I advise to do this find it silly, but it works. Try it sometime! :)

  8. Indeed I am liking it. Thank you for suggesting it :) Yeah, I pretty much am. I need another iTunes gift card already, hah!