July 30, 2009

You carry me all the way home when my ankles are as sprained as my soul.

I just encountered a baby cockroach in the bathroom and my fear of them is so immense, I dared not even kill it because I thought it might have wings, fly up and get on my face. I stood there poised with a bottle of shampoo until it scurried under the door. Now I don't want to go back there since I know it is still alive. Goo-rah, I hate, hate, hate living in Florida for this reason alone. Of course, I'm doomed to think this perhaps irrational fear will follow me to the grave; cockroaches would survive nuclear destruction, right?

Anyway, I'm jittery and exulted for school to be starting in less than two weeks. This fall will be exceptionally hectic as my brother applies to colleges and scholarships. I really don't know what the school year will hold, so long as I can go through it with the good friendships and work ethic I've already established, there shouldn't be too much throwing me for a loop. I'm still an underclassmen, but I know the majority of the juniors and seniors. There will probably be feelings of loneliness on my part as everyone else can drive with their licenses and I'm still not eligible for a permit yet. I will know more than a handful of the incoming freshmen and I shall hope I don't resent having taken this required PE course now instead of last year when you're urged to do so. I look at it this way though, had I taken the class then, I wouldn't have been able to do art and create my turtles drawings and enjoy that as much as I did. And that, my friends, would've been devastating.

I'm still reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, although, I'm not very far. I think Nikki will have to go see the movie with merely her dad and that saddens me. Perhaps we'll get to hang out some other time before school. We're the worst planners ever, if you didn't guess so. Ooh, I just remembered good news, my high school is playing hers for its homecoming! I'll get to see her majorette, hurrah! [Mentioning homecoming reminds me of this girl in one of my advanced core classes last year, asking me, dead seriously, if the homecoming game was home or away.]

I want to go to the beach.


  1. ahahahah I have cockroach stories as well. They all consist of standing 10 ft away from a roach tinier than my finger nail with air fresheners poised at the ready. I'm so pathetic.

    Going to the beach sounds like fun. But I hate sand. It's so pesky.

  2. there's cockroaches all in my dorm...YUCK!!!


    Sometimes i miss highschool because of formals and all that.

    homecoming dress posts are a MUST!

  3. They would survive a nuclear attack, I swear it. Isn't it hilarious how we shut the door and run? As if they can't crawl through the crack at the bottom. There was a bug in my sisters room and I taped all around her doorframe with masking tape so that it couldn't get to me.

    Good luck with school :)

  4. Oh gosh I fear spiders they same way. I just give them the room they are in. I have slept on the couch for a week because I spotted a spider in my room.

    I'm excited for school as well! Learning and socializing-two of my favorite things!