August 10, 2009

Alphabet soup.

I truly hope everyone's week is going superbly so far and I am deeply sorry my commenting has been close to pathetic. I will comment you back by tomorrow evening my time at the very latest.

I suppose my first day as a sophomore in high school was fine. The second wasn't too bad, either. I didn't get beat up at least. I would've written more last night, yet surprisingly I was tired. Moral of the story: Go to bed earlier.

Day 1: The morning, before the first bell actually rang, was hectic. The heat and humidity was uncomfortable throughout the day, making me extremely glad I decided not to wear jeans and went with capris instead. [I would've gone even further to wear shorts but it wouldn't have worked with the top I was more or less bent on wearing.] The freshmen didn't seem too annoying nor clueless. I got to see friends I hadn't hung with over the summer.

After school my brother and I hung around to receive our scores for the Cambridge (IGSCE and GSCE) examinations we had taken in May/June. I am so proud of my brother because he did very well! So well in fact he has now gotten his diploma with distinction by the end of his junior year (11th grade), which is a bigger deal here in the states because technically to graduate high school it is required they complete a 12th year of school. Most students wait to take and pass all their tests then. In other words, he did a phenomenal job and accomplished it in less time. I, however, scored less than I thought I would. My teachers told me they were shocked.

As a preface to those who don't take IGSCE and GSCE classes, it is crucial to know that any letter grade from A to G is passing. An "A" means you scored the same with 5% of all others taking that exam at that same point in time. A "B" is more than 5% and so forth. I got a D in IGSCE History and C's in IGSCE Biology, IGSCE Math 2, and IGSCE English Language. I do not know quite why I didn't do better and there's no point in making excuses. I just need to do better, and I will!

Day 2: The morning was peaceful and I meet up in the library with my friend Puja like we had gotten used to doing last year. The heat was more or less bearable and if the freshmen were lost today, they didn't show it. There wasn't much I learned really. We had review here and signed papers there. Oh, and in Chemistry we were instructed how to properly light a burner and then got to show we knew our stuff for a small grade.

I thought I would go through each of my glasses and write down my thoughts but that is slightly tedious. Briefly, I want to say that I love my art class and I'm excited about the first project(s)! I didn't have much homework besides finding things for an about me collage on a shoe, reading over the Spanish syllabus because we'll have a quiz on it and wonderful, wonderful, history booknotes and glossary. Oh, how I little I missed those.

My English teacher dropped the title Ethan Frome as the first novel we will read as part of our Eng. Lit class; I'll have to find my family's copy.


  1. Ah you started school already! How horrible :( but doesn't sound too awful.

    Hope you're doing well!

  2. A to G is passing...
    then what are you talking about, it sounds like you did hella awesome, woman. :D good job, i say.
    cute photo, too! you're too adorable.

  3. Can't believe you have started school already, but sounds like a it's going ok.
    Cute picture, and great blog. I enjoy reading, so now you have one more follower to add to your collection :)

    Girl With One Eye x

  4. No, eight grade! :D I'm not yet up with you big kids.

    NO WAY. I start September 4th. Next week is my birthday! Haha, is it? Don't you usually think about something you dread a lot?

    If all twenty things come true, I'm transferring.
    But yes, it is life :)

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