August 06, 2009

Cut it out, cricket.

Five-year-olds are adorable when they aren't a menace. The reason I haven't posted in the past few days is simple. I have been babysitting a five-year-old boy all day for each of the days --HOLY, water just dropped from my vent onto my laptop's keyboard...relocating -- and have had my quota of imagination for a while after pretending that there was a fire the Lego firefighters had to put out. And patience. We rode bikes, swam, watched TV and built/played Legos. Practically everything under the sun and I got to eat Lunchables for lunch three days in a row. Yum, yum.

I think it's all worth it, though. I remember self-declaring I should earn money so I could pay back what I technically owed my mom for my awesome Nikon camera before summer ended and I've accomplished that. However, once you deduct any other money spent on school supplies and clothes, I don't have much a profit. Oh well.

Speaking of summer, I feel like mine is slipping away from me. I only have three more days left before school! Unbelievable. Where has the time gone? It seems all a blur, but I've done most of what I wanted to do. I can live with that. I've already registered and picked up my schedule, too. Not to mention got this heavy-duty backpack because I'd appreciate my shoulders not falling off.

I just remembered there's a new Burn Notice episode tonight. Yay.

Oh, and thank you for all the comments! I will try to comment back each and everyone of you as soon as I can.

It's like a volcano was erupting just beyond those houses, on the brim of the summer horizon.


  1. My seven-year-old neighbor is like that.

    Wow, you've had a busy three days! Haha, I'm sure that was fun.

    THREE DAYS?? School doesn't start over here for another month! Geez, when did you let out?

    You like my new layout?

    raldbvol: Italian pasta.

  2. I love that photography. I want to wear a dress with those colors in the sky.

    Legos and lunchables? I want that life for a day. But maybe sans the child. I can't handle youngsters for too long. However if there was money involved, it might be a different story.

    The last few days of summer are always the most precious. Cram them full of fun things or actually do nothing at all. You don't many oppurtunities to do that during the semester.

  3. Aww, I love little kids. So adorable!
    That picture of the sunset is amazing! So cool.

  4. That picture is gorgeous!

    and... i love lunchables.