August 24, 2009

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Since there is no other way to contact you back in response to the comment you left, I figured I'd devote an entire entry to my rebuttal. Hope that jives with you, Anon.

For those outsiders reading in, here was the comment: "u know, you really need a life. ur blog is starting to get quite boring. isnt there anything else interesting to talk about?" I directly copied and pasted.

Perhaps it is just me, but when I write online, I hardly use "netspeak," outside of the standard "lol." Personally, I find it annoying. In this case, especially, when you properly spelled the word "you," instead of "u," not even two words later, it irritated me. What was the point in that? Was it really that much shorter and easier to type? If it was, then, okay, fine. It just seems ridiculous. I applaud the correct use of the comma though.

The second sentence is confusing; "ur blog?" No, I am a person. If you meant, "your," I only understand it because "ur" not the only one who spells it that way -- unfortunately. I mean, whatever. I'm not trying to rip you to shreds, Anon, I am merely stating how I felt when I read it. It took me awhile to get past those facts to the real message.

Ah, yes, the real message. Where do I even begin? Well, I'd love to say I enjoy comments and usually they are pleasant, "love your blog," or "this is how I can relate because," and they go on to explain. Those are great! So I must admit I was put off guard when I read this particular one. I have no life? Really? Compared to who, precisely? Yourself? This is where I wish you weren't anonymous and I could've followed a link back to your blog so I can read about your never-ending thrill ride of a life. Assuming, that is, you "have a life," or a blog. The adverb "really," implies to me that I am in a state of supreme desperation. As if I'm on my last leg to get any sort of life established. Gee, thanks?

My blog is starting to get quite boring, you say? Does this mean you've read my blog in the past and only now it has become boring? I cannot tell if you express mock or genuine concern for the welfare of my blog. I agree that I've written about the more mundane aspects of my life recently, but what is wrong with that? I do not believe every sentence I write should end with an exclamation point nor every story I tell leave the reader stunned and awed. I think, more than anything, I fail to grasp your point. I figure to assuage you, I have two choices. I can go out and get drunk, party, have a lavish lifestyle then choose to rant and rave about those exciting tales, or fabricate such a lifestyle. I'd rather be truthful, thus it seems I must change my living habits. Okay, let's see if that works.

Alas, the last sentence. I suppose there are more interesting things to talk about, Anon. For instance, how a girl got run over by a golf cart at school today. Does that pique your interest? Honestly, I think that is or isn't inteesting, depending on who you ask. I think the girl involved thinks otherwise. It was probably horrific and life-threatening in her eyes. Therefore, interesting is a relative term, based on one's unique perspective. If you think what I say now is uninteresting, then by all means, do not feel obligated to keep reading my blog. Shoot, you probably won't even be reading this if you so strongly think I am a total bore. Wow, wouldn't I feel like a dope for taking all this time and effort to respond and you never read it. A huge dope, indeed.

With that said, I certainly pray you do.

Lizzie, author of the apparently boring blog, The Dreams That Make Us Real.


  1. i think your interesting. otherwise i wouldn't bother to follow you


  2. Amen, girl. That Anon guy is a coward. You go!

  3. Pfft. Your blog is certainly NOT boring! Quite the contrary, in fact, for it's one of the most interesting and quirky (in a good way) blogs I've been reading. This anon figure clearly doesn't know any better, in either politeness nor good spelling.
    Kudos to you for speaking your mind about it so well!


  4. It would have been boring if you just deleted the comment and moved on. Some people are mean, conceited, have a meme density greater than three per sentence; mayhap he was having a bad day, or maybe someone betrayed him o - sorry, I rant. sorry.

  5. i 4 1 luv ur blog cuz ur awsom! ( i think I've just killed a few brain cells :/

    *applauds* Whoah, Lizzie. Favorite entry so far ;) I, for one, love this blog of yours and always look forward to reading (and commenting) your new entries, bud.

    *never ending applauds*

  6. I wonder if it is someone you know who found out about your blog and was insanely jealous that you have so many blogosphere friends who think your blog is the bees knees and that your are one of the most fabulous individuals to walk the planet.

    I even use full words and sentences when text messaging so I could barely understand that comment as well.

    You are a personal blogger just like so many of us and there are people who find your words relatable and honest. Hopefully this character will never show their anonymous face around these parts again!

    Kait (a big HUGE Lizzie fan<3)

  7. Heh, don't feel bad, it's only cuz I have no life.

    I think I will.

    Gawsh (new favorite word, by the way), so many people have heaped praise upon you! I think I will join in:

    You're blog is awesome, you are awesome, and your Anon fellow is an ass. This entry was extremely well written and PUT THE FOO' IN HIS PLACE! Heh, I like saying foo'. It makes me feel gangsta :)

  8. wow, dont take everything so seriously...sheesh. Im just saying dont take everything so seriously and analyze it. your can't analyze everything in life they way you want it. Maybe I should stop reading your blog...good time wasted....

  9. Lizzie, I hope you don't mind my intervening, but I'm going to.

    Dear Anon,
    Seeing as you returned to leave yet another comment here I am rightly assuming that you must be envious of Lizzie and her blog's popularity and supporters. Or just her blog in general. And yes, I agree with you; you should stop reading her blog. What you may call constructive criticism is not constructive at all. So go along your merry analyzing way of life. I'd appreciate it. Lizzie does not need your comments or view count . You might be saying "Mind your own damn business", but I can't. It is simply a New York thing.

    Lizzie you can delete this if you'd like. =)

  10. I can't believe you've never been to an American Eagle Outfitters! *gasp* I love it!! Next time you see one, you HAVE to go in.