August 13, 2009

Expanding universes and alternate realities.

A kid in my Spanish class yesterday said they had a Miss Delaney for a teacher in their past and I immediately thought of the song with the same name by Jack's Mannequin. Why? Well, my mind works like that, I suppose. It sounded familiar and I figured out where I had heard it before within nanoseconds. It is hard to put my brain around the complex things that my brain does. Goodness, is everything a paradox, this picture included?

My first week of my second year of high school is almost at an end. I've been asking my incoming freshmen friend, Emilia, a million questions and she's been happy and cooperative to answer them. Maybe I'm crazy, yet I want to get inside that boat again, understand what it's like once more. Meanwhile, I am ready to be the older one and hold responsibility. Ready to grow up and leave. I can't jump the gun, though; I've still got some time.

Either this weekend or the following, a former classmate of mine and serious violin prodigy of age 4 (now 16), Esther Muradov, is going to play a local recital to fund-raise for her trip to a competition in Spain -- in SPAIN. She is absolutely amazing. She, my dear readers, has played at Carnegie Hall. If that's not downright awesome, then I don't know what is. It's inspirational to know a girl I had 7th grade World Cultures with has gone on to live her dream. She's so sweet and humble, too!

I better get some sleep and change my alarm. Have a fantastic weekend to all!


  1. she's SIXTEEN? her website is enjoy high school : )

  2. Right when I started reading this entry I immediately thought of Jack's Mannquin. Good to know someone else is on my wavelength.

    This girl in my dance class was also a world class gymnast. She was legit about going for the next Olympics. I know the feeling of just being in awe of a classmate who has this amazing talent outside of school.

    I love your photograph! I'm glad school is going smoothly. I shall be starting quite soon too.

  3. I sometimes associate places with smells. Out of the blue I'll say "it smells like Florida."

    My Sophomore year was the most fun. Who knows how my junior year will go. I'm so anxious to begin and use my new notebooks and wear my new school shoes. I bought my school uniform today...

    O.O Spain. Oh la la. I'm sure she's super duper amazing.

    Is that your camera? Quite spiffy.

  4. i've always admired people who could manipulate musical instruments in such a way that it sparks the soul, leaving you breathless from the tidal waves of emotions rolling through you. and at such a young age! that's incredible.
    awesome photograph too, woman. you need to coax your parents into getting you a ridiculously awesome camera for christmas or something. (: then these photos of yours would be especially amazing, wouldn't you say? :D

  5. I know, right? :)
    My dad just got it out of the blue.

    Yeah, well...I don't. That's probably why I got two cavities. That, and I have Mountain Dew ALL THE TIME. So now my parents are making my brush my teeth twice a day. Ugh.

    Have fun?

    Haha, I know what you mean, but a word like fulfas is just too good to pass up.

  6. wow, people like that blow my mind. School started already? seriously? that sucks. I have another 2 and a half weeks.

  7. Jesus, Carnegie Hall at 16?! She might as well give up, there's no topping that unless she climbs Mt Everest while playing Bethovens 18th or maybe takes fiddler on the roof to another level and plays on top of the empire state buildings spire...

  8. Really cool picture! It's always fun to be one of the older ones--you can still experience life as a freshman vicariously, anyway :)

    Re your comment: Don't worry about commenting all the time. Life should always take precedence.