August 01, 2009

Hello, August.

Another two stellar finds from my mom's closet! :]

New month, new adventures.

The neighbor barbecue has been re-scheduled to next weekend which is fine with me. I can't say I had anything important planned either now or then. It might conflict with hanging out with Nikki, but she might be super busy by then like she said. I really miss going to the same school as her. I feel like we're planets going in different orbits and only cross paths once in a while. I know it drives her nuts to not have a cell phone while both her sisters do. Perhaps she'll get one for her birthday this year.

I was tagged by Kait to list seven "interesting" things about myself. I shall give it a go.

1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a hypochondriac. At the mention of most diseases I feel there I have a matching symptom and I thus do some research/surfing of the net. For example, I've thought I was bi-polar, and probably would get cancer. My doctor has never made any diagnosis supporting these perhaps outlandish assumptions.

2. I've had toe surgery on both my big toes due to ingrown toenails. I have now had the procedure done to pernamently kill the certain troublesome nail cells and have been a much happier camper since.

3. I skipped the second grade and did just fine in third grade a year younger than my new fellow classmates. I cannot nor do I wish to imagine what would've happened had I not.

4. I have a tendency to over-react in situations. I reserve it for the bigger-deal things nowadays.

5. I own about eight pairs of converse, including a pair I let my friends at the end of the seventh grade practically litter with their signatures and witty comments written in sharpie everywhere -- even the laces!

6. My first ever musical was "Don't Say No To the U.S.O" in sixth grade in which I was in a trio of women riveters [imagine Rosie the riveter] during WWII. It actually was a lot of fun, despite being performed on the small stage.

7. I watch a lot of old TV shows from the 80s. Remington Steele, Cheers, and Moonlighting, just to name a few. They're all really good though.

I have no idea to tag, surprise, surprise.


  1. love the shirt--stripes!
    also, yikes about your surgeries--I didn't know you had to go through such drastic measures to fix that.
    glad they're fine now though.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean. I'm like that too, which is weird...

    Actually, it's not my birthday for 23 more days. So close!

    Hah, I love sarcasm :)

    Pimasy: a pink flower.

  3. I can relate with # 1 and 4.

    Post some pictures of your converse with the witty comments. I would love to see them! Sil vous plait.