August 15, 2009

Maybe I'm just tired, tired of never knowing.

I drew on top of this picture that using photoshop. Cool, huh?

My weekend was borderline between awesome and alright. I did very little besides finishing homework that was due today and chilled. I tried working on my art project until realizing it was futile if I lacked the proper glue, which, I must admit, wasn't very long. My decision has yet to be made final: start a new drawing, or talk to my teacher and just finish my brother's portrait and have that count as a grade. Hmm.

My time home this evening from five to about seven was spent helping a friend over the phone with math. Algebra 1 Honors stuff -- in essence-- I should specify. Material I personally covered back in seventh grade. You'd think that wouldn't be that long ago, and I suppose it wasn't truly, but I was shocked how much I had to verify with websites. I think she has a better understanding of what she's doing, now, along with myself! I didn't mind helping her through, because I found it beneficial to me, giving me a good reason to brush up and review. She's so sweet and I could tell she was willing to do whatever to not feel like a burden. I hope she perceived that I was genuinely happy to assist.

I've started reading Ethan Frome, and am very intrigued by the author, Edith Wharton's, style. I find that as I go through it, I'm mentally paraphrasing and summarizing what happened in less intense and high quality language. Seems to me that's how comprehension usually goes, haha.

I thought I'd share something my brother bracketed, I assume because he liked it. I like it, too:
"Her wonder and his laughter ran together like spring rills in a thaw. Ethan had the sense of having done something arch and ingenious. To prolong the effect he groped for a dazzling phrase, and brought out, in a growl of rapture: 'Come along.' "

I think it's high-time I comment you lovelies back then head off for the direction of dreamland.


  1. i don't miss math in high school let me tell you hahah

    i nominated you for an award ch-ch-check it out!

    xoxox adubbskthx

  2. Like the photoshop work : )

    You should post some photos of whatever fabulous artwork you are creating!

    My friends could never turn to me for help in math. I am awful! However I would be sufficient to give aid in any other subject.

    That excerpt from Ethan Frome is lovely. My interest is piqued.

  3. what is ethan frome about? i've been looking for some good books to read!

  4. Heh, if I ever get around to not sucking.
    But thanks...right? Thanks would be appropiate here? I really don't know.

  5. Oops, I saw your short comment first 0.0

    Haha, I can try, but considering that out of my four best friends, two are in Virginia, one is inaccessable (spelled that wrong...) and one never turns on their cell phone and no one's answering the home. Bah.

    Yeah, I figure half those books I wanna read are waaaaay too mature for me, but heck, I can only get smarter, right? Wow, that sounded so majorly conceited. Ugh, I need to stop by the library...

    Haha, awesome. And lucky. On our summer reading list, we have Uglies and Milkweed. Maybe students wouldn't be so dumb if they gave us real reading. Sigh, people.
    I haven't actually read the summary for it, but I most certainly will do that now.

    I saw the movie for To Kill a Mockingbird and it was so sad.
    And I know what you mean. That's why I googled best YA books afterwards. I'll probably start from the bottom up. I mean, I want to get the full meaning. I just wish they taught us this stuff in school. I mean, The Giver and The Outsiders were amazing books, but they're also fairly easy (at least for me, I wouldn't know with the...less smart people out there).
    God, there I go, sounding conceited again!

    No. No I do not. I shall look it up promptly.
    a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.


    Woo, nice list right there. I actually have Lord of the Flies but I never got around to finishing it. Beloved kinda scares me, I mean, that's just a horrible story. It's kinda haunting to love someone so much you'd kill them. Sad that you'd have to. I definitely want to read it.

  6. Jeez, it seems everyone starts school before me?!

    well I'll be damned, Ethan Frome? Good Choice!

  7. that is such a cool picture!