August 21, 2009

You can breathe but the air is running out.

Today was okay. In the morning before school started, I saw an old friend and we talked for a few minutes. As we bid our farewells, I had a momentary thought of what might've been different had I not neglected them as much as I had in the recent past. It was good to talk, though. I think it would've been apparent if they resented me and since it wasn't clear, all is alright and my conscience relieved.

I learned in English that our teacher was getting ready to hand out the letters my fellow classmates and I wrote for this year's freshmen. I explain more of what it's all about here. They have a week to track me down. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and my friend suckered $15 out of me to buy cookie dough she is selling or order to fund-raise a band trip to Washington, D.C. She's lucky I have a sweet tooth and she's cool.

I swam in my PE class and only then did I realize how lonely I am in that class. I know a few girls but wouldn't describe any connection we have as friendship. I suppose it's time to make new friends. Here's the thing, I think it's hard to befriend or join an already established group of friends. Maybe I'm just making excuses and will continue to until the cows come home. Or this school year ends. Whichever comes first.

Puja and I are lab partners in chemistry. We had to boil salt water to observe a physical change. It was intuitive, as I'm sure was intentional, considering it's technically our only serious lab thus far. We successfully avoided burning ourselves and/or setting our lab station, not to mention the surrounding objects, aflame.

Spanish was uneventful and likewise with history. We don't get the tests we took back in math until three weeks from now. Apparently, we all did horribly enough to warrant the slate be cleared. In other words, it won't count as a grade. I can't judge the fortuitousness of this until I get it back. The clock is ticking.

Our first project in art was an "all-about me" flip-flop collage. She said we could do any kind of shoe, so long as we did two and followed and meet the other specifications. Here is a picture of what they looked like the night before I glued the laced part onto the shoe. Is it really any wonder that I chose converse? I also had lost the separate piece I had for the back part where it says "all-star." A few days after taking this picture I created a new one. I was too proud of it to wait to show the fully complete version, which I don't have back yet. Honestly, there isn't much a difference, I just tend to notice all the minor flaws.

This is what it looked like under construction:

The next-to-close finished product:

Those other two don't require much -- if any -- explanation. Now I'm off to go finish reading one book and start another.

Oh, oh, oh! Which reminds me, for book club this year, we're going to have t-shirts. How rad is that? :]

EDIT: I knew I was forgetting something. I got this splendid recognition:
Now it is my distinct honor to tag four other bloggers for this. If you'd like to be nominated as well, just drop me a comment. Thank you, adubbskthx!

I received this lovely award from Kait, too. Thank you, thank you, my dear! I appreciate it oodles.


  1. woah. The shoe collage is stellar.
    You swim in P.E.??! I wish my school had a pool.

  2. X(
    Well, I think it's freaking awesome.

    Heh, yes, she is.

    I know I have, but I don't remember it...oh well. Haha. I know we don't do the word verification thing anymore, but 'subbeth' is just too good to pass up.

  3. Urm, no, that all happened.

    For some reason I'm giggling like mad 0.0


  4. Eeeh, I just realized you tagged me! For what, though, I'm not quite sure. Heh.

    Hrm? Everything in the entry actually happened. I was just thinking about it, and ya know, I decided to share.

  5. =D

    That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week!

    Heh. Thanks.

  6. I dunno, I consider it a success when I set something on fire...


  7. Those shoes are beyond awesome! That is such a cool project to do for school! I'm completely jealous. Great job on them (:

  8. u know, you really need a life. ur blog is starting to get quite boring. isnt there anything else interesting to talk about?

  9. i'm confused. haha. i wouldn't have anyone to tag anyway. ._.