September 27, 2009

I think I'm breaking down.

I have two tests tomorrow. One in math, the other in history. I wish I had a break between the two classes, but alas, I don't. I've been studying intermittently this weekend. I'm more worried about math, and even so, I think I've done a decent job preparing myself. By the way, I got a 94 on my most recent math quiz!

I wouldn't be so stressed about the tests if I wasn't also sick. I feel like it's effecting my mood and thinking considerably. My plan? Take as much medicine as I can without hurting myself and get plenty of sleep tonight.

I learned Kai is moving to Reno this upcoming January. I don't want her to go. True, I don't get to see her as is. At least she doesn't live in another state 1,000+ miles away. I could still see her if I gave it my best effort. I suppose it is less of a deal since we can converse over the internet and all. Thanks to Facebook, I've somewhat reconnected with a friend from elementary school that moved to Texas. There is hope Kai and I won't drift apart beyond repair.

I wish I had taken a picture of my painted coconut. I suppose this means I'll have to attend the auction and try to snap a picture of the beauty then and there. I really do not feel mine is fantastic. Others were far more creative and seriously transformed the coconut into something new and wonderful. Oh well, I admire their work.

Anyone have music recommendations? I'm compelled to put in headphones, turn my ipod to full blast, and drown my thoughts and feelings with the melodies.
Have a good week, everyone! Mine is sure to be hectic. Did I mention I have to take the pre-ACT test this Wednesday? Well, I do.

September 22, 2009

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

I have some more math studying to do for my quiz tomorrow. Knowing I'm actually pretty spiffy at factoring polynomials, factoring quadratics, polynomial equations and polynomial equations in word problems, I'm not stressing too much. Yet, practice is practice. Only way to be very good in math is just that: practice. Understanding the concepts is merely part of it.

Ready to hear what I got on my history test? My goodness, I was dancing when I saw the 98 circled in red on my paper! But now I'm hoping I can do equally well on the upcoming test this Friday. Last time I teamed up with Patricia and Jaclyn. Our whole lunch together was spent reviewing the lecture notes aloud amongst each other. (Generally, I've found, that is the best way to study. Absorb as much information as humanly possible.)

Now I really should be studying. No! I refuse! Ew! Ha, I make myself laugh.

Here are some "polaroid" pictures I made thanks to this really cool site I was referred to by an article in the Newsweek magazine. Yeah, it's sort of backwards to go from digital quality to putting in a square frame and all that jazz. Regardless, I found it utterly cool.

P.S. This is my 99th post.

September 19, 2009

But there's no sense in crying over every mistake.

You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

I hope I can get all my homework done and things accomplished by 4:00 PM tomorrow, even if that means trying to wake up a little bit earlier. Let's see, what do I have looming? There's my English short story which I started out loving and have since decided is not so stellar. I'll let my brother read it soon. There's math homework and loads of math practice for my quiz this upcoming Wednesday, too. There's also studying for a test in Chemistry and working on my drawing. I can do it.

I'm excited for the first Academic Team competition this Monday. I hope we do well and even if we don't, I believe it will be fun nonetheless.

I watched State of Play last night. During some parts I was almost scared out of my wits and it was just a thriller, not even a horror. Just goes to show how easily scared I am, I guess. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie. You really have to pay attention and some of it makes little sense until the very end.

In art we're required to put down newspapers on the desks before we paint, and in the few that I grabbed someone how cut out the Soduku puzzle. Amused, I took it home and thought it'd make a good picture.

September 08, 2009

Let's cut to the chase.

I failed my math test. I haven't seen the grade written on a paper anywhere to confirm, yet if the online records are correct, I failed. As soon as I found out, I bawled my eyes out. I was horrified, especially since I figured I did really well. The teacher generally hinted that people made "stupid arithmetic errors," during class today and that just upsets me even more if that's in fact what happened with me. So, although I don't know the full story, I think it's time I got tutoring or whatever. I don't want to fall completely into the same hole I did last year.

And you see, I thought that an 82 and an 86 on my two quizzes leading up to the test covering the same material would mean something. Guess not. I'm trying not to be bitter about it and approach it as a mistake that needs correcting. Yes, one can argue that I failed (I know because I did through streams of tears) and okay, perhaps I did. I'd be a true failure and complete fool to ignore it and not care. I care and want desperately to learn from it. Cheesy moral? Yes.

I'm sure I'll recover and I will surely work that much harder from now on.

Here's the art project I've been waiting to finish and show you guys! It's a necklace made out of copper.

Basically I took a copper piece (that was already formed into a crescent moon) and drew on in sharpie a design (the panda lounging on a tree) so I could etch it. Etching involves taking a material (usually glass) and using an acid to eat away at it. After that, I cleaned it and then torched it. I literally put it up to a torched flame until it had my desired mix of colors. Then I put on a polish, filed the edges (they were very sharp) and drilled the hole. Viola!

September 06, 2009


I went outside and painted yesterday. My paint selection at the moment is limited to these three colors and white. I'm debating asking to take some more home from art class. Here are two abstracts I made and this very boring progression of lighter shades of this mixed blue-ish green color. Any suggestions on what I could add to make it better?I got this award (again)! I am oozing with joy and thanks Maddy!
1.) I own the game My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS and have played it on several occasions. And who said video games aren't educational?
2.) I have not broken a single bone in my body --knocks on wood.
3.) I can't roll my tongue.
4.) I have been stung by a wasp three times all in the same thirty seconds. Two on my back and one really, really close to my eye that it swelled up and I looked quite strange. Worst part, I had to go to school like that.
5.) I've gone to the World Finals competition in Boulder, Colorado for Odyssey of the Mind in fifth grade. The teams from Florida had the motto, "bringing the heat to Boulder," and that week there was an official record high heat wave. Freaky.
6.) My first official friend was Madeline and we watched the cartoon show, Maisy, together.
7.) To my -- I suppose former-- friend Ethan, I am, er was, Supergirl.
8.) In seventh grade, I opted out on going to a field trip to the Keys. I only sort of regret not going.
9.) I detest mustard after I watched my oldest brother eat it by itself by the spoonful.
10.) I had three blogs on AOL before this one.

Since I forgot to tag before, time to tag eight people. If you've already been tagged it's up to you to do it again or simply disregard: Scarlett, Abs, Katie, Strawberry, Catherine, adubbskthx, A Girl With One Eye and Jessica.

Continue having a magnificent weekend, dear readers!

September 05, 2009

She's a live wire.

So much has happened the past week or so. It all feels like a massive blur. I deeply wish I had had time to blog, but alas, the amount pf homework and tests/quizzes has increased and in return, the energy I had for writing diminished. I appreciate all the comments you guys left and I have every intention of commenting back soon.

Last night I went to our first home football game of this school year. We lost, yes, yet it was still a good game and the band played well. Our biggest problem seemed to be fumbling the ball and losing momentum after the half. Oh, well. I got to hang out with Aniesa and meet other friends of her, including her sister. We basically sat on the bleachers the whole time due to the inconsistent, and therefore unpredictable, rainfall. Good thing there was an umbrella shared between the two of us and the others didn't mind getting soaked. I cannot wait at all for our homecoming game when I'll get see Nikki!

Only moments ago I finished the sequel to the book, The Hunger Games, called Catching Fire. It is such a tremendous read. Sadly, I have to wait an entire year for the third and final book to be released and that's especially agonizing since the second ends abruptly. Talking, er writing, about release dates of books reminds me of how Puja is almost obsessive compulsive about adding them to her phone's calender.

The only reason I want to go back to school on Tuesday is because there will be book club. I'm a nerd, geek, whatever. What's new? I'm hoping with all my might I did well on my math test yesterday. It'd be cool if my math teacher could grade at the speed of sound and I'd have it back before the weekend. Somehow I think if she could do that though, she wouldn't be teaching and instead in some science lab being studied.

These 10 facts I am getting ready to lay out are a part of what I'm supposed to do upon receiving the "I think you are an awesome girl" award. Thank you, Kait!

1.) I am the only kid in my immediate family that knows how to ride a bike. My brothers never tried extensively nor truly cared.
2.) I used to dance at an actual studio with a girl that lives down the street from me when I was very young. (We're talking age three and four.) Nowadays, I highly doubt the girl could pick me apart in a lineup, even though she's merely a year older, and we both live in the same exact place. That's okay, she is older and I still enjoyed my dance classes.
3.) I'm getting closer to being done with my brother's drawing. Look!
4.) The first CD I ever got was Aaron Carter's, Aaron's Party (Come Get It) and I know exactly where it is in my room to this day. He was also evidently my first celebrity crush.
5.) It was assumed that I had swallowed my first tooth on a camping trip. (We searched the garbage full of food I had eaten prior and no luck.) That same trip, my brothers and camping companions played an epic game of Pokemon Master Trainer (the board game) in the back of my dad's station wagon. Good times, good times.
6.) I've fed a giraffe at the zoo. It was amazing!
7.) If there's a rubber band on my wrist and I am talking in person with them or listening, I am fidgeting with it.
8.) I've walked along the street amongst the sets in Los Angeles that was used for the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.
9.) In first grade I won first a district poetry content, which meant I advanced to the state-level of competition. At state, I got third and a free trip to Sea World with my parents. From there, I went on to win first in the nation.
10.) I've met the author, Richard Lederer. His daughter is famous poker player, Annie Duke.

Have a good weekend and Labor Day!