September 19, 2009

But there's no sense in crying over every mistake.

You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

I hope I can get all my homework done and things accomplished by 4:00 PM tomorrow, even if that means trying to wake up a little bit earlier. Let's see, what do I have looming? There's my English short story which I started out loving and have since decided is not so stellar. I'll let my brother read it soon. There's math homework and loads of math practice for my quiz this upcoming Wednesday, too. There's also studying for a test in Chemistry and working on my drawing. I can do it.

I'm excited for the first Academic Team competition this Monday. I hope we do well and even if we don't, I believe it will be fun nonetheless.

I watched State of Play last night. During some parts I was almost scared out of my wits and it was just a thriller, not even a horror. Just goes to show how easily scared I am, I guess. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie. You really have to pay attention and some of it makes little sense until the very end.

In art we're required to put down newspapers on the desks before we paint, and in the few that I grabbed someone how cut out the Soduku puzzle. Amused, I took it home and thought it'd make a good picture.


  1. you can do it! woO!
    eh, i'm just really sick. i called in to work yesterday and today, and i'm hoping i'll be better tomorrow. it seems like every time i say 'wow, i haven't been sick in a while, that's pretty stellar' i then end up getting sick a couple of days later. i jinx myself. every time.

  2. the newspaper photo made me smile! :)
    By the way, I read Ethan Frome - it was so depressing! I didn't like his wife.

  3. kewl necklace!
    i'm an easy-to-scare person. i'm very jumpy and fun to scare :D
    you can do it, says I. You have to believe it, too.
    we're both taking chemistry this year. we can share our i-am-so-sick-of-this-subject stories as the year progresses (:
    what exactly does the Academic Team do? i know it's probably a group/club that competes against other schools (so cool), but i'm sure there is more to it. anywho GOOD LUCK and enjoy yourself.

  4. Love the title line. So true.

    I am with you on the overwhelming pile of homework. You can do it!

    I will have to check out that movie. I love thrillers. Even though they make me a nervous wreck while watching.

    I love the newspaper photo! And your necklace as well! Basically I am sending you alot of love : )

    We should definitely get the girls together for the blog. Email exhange to work out details?