September 11, 2009

'Cause I get a thousand hugs, from ten million lightning bugs.

Thank you for all the support you guys gave me about the math test. It truly has helped me get back on the saddle, so to speak, and keep trying hard. That's what really matters -- effort. So, if I haven't commented back already, a great big thank you goes out to you all! :]

I finished Ethan Frome. It was a pretty good book considering all my classmates keep complaining it is boring and spoiled after the teacher told us the whole plot. They --meaning my classmates-- are approaching it with such an apathetic attitude though. That's probably half the problem and reason for their discontent. I don't know if they're taking into consideration it is a "classic" and was written in a different era. It's not the most interesting. However, there is a lot more to it than first meets the eye. For example, we had an assignment about how the cat in the story was symbolic for one of the characters. Until I was flat out told, I too disregarded it and thought, "okay, wow, what a clumsy, somewhat creepy cat." I'm told it takes great skill to write with undercurrents and elusive meanings. Therefore, my deepest admiration, goes out to the author, Edith Wharton, for writing such a profound novel. If you can get past the seemingly dull parts and the high-level that it is written at, you'll uncover a book wroth reading.

I'm almost done with painting my coconut in art. I won't be taking in home, so I must remember to bring in my camera to snap a photo before it is sent off. My whole class is donating their coconuts to something or other (our teacher didn't give us full detail) where people can buy them individually for $5. Besides that, the drawing of my brother and a prospective watercolor thing, there aren't any more projects looming.

This late afternoon's "photo-shoot," if you want to call it that.
It's a slug/centipede!
Eh. Lighting manipulation.
I loved my outfit.


  1. Fireflies - Owl City


    After the whole honors english escapade, I can't look at a book without looking for the hidden door, assume the author has one.
    Is that o.k. to do for every novel? Am I missing something profoundly simple in all this?

  2. eeeeek, slug-centipede! As creepy as bugs are, I have a fascination them.
    Indeed! Lovely outfit.

  3. Thank you for sending your friend a link, that will be great :)

    No worries, i truely enjoy reading your blog - one of my daily reads.

    Loverly outfit too xx

  4. yeah. I read own the whole series. it's one of my favorites.

  5. sorry that last comment was by me. i was on my sister's account and she forgot to log out and i forgot to switch. yep i read city of glass. I loved it

  6. Loves that song!
    And you had such adorable pictures!!
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    Your header Rocks by the way!