September 06, 2009


I went outside and painted yesterday. My paint selection at the moment is limited to these three colors and white. I'm debating asking to take some more home from art class. Here are two abstracts I made and this very boring progression of lighter shades of this mixed blue-ish green color. Any suggestions on what I could add to make it better?I got this award (again)! I am oozing with joy and thanks Maddy!
1.) I own the game My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS and have played it on several occasions. And who said video games aren't educational?
2.) I have not broken a single bone in my body --knocks on wood.
3.) I can't roll my tongue.
4.) I have been stung by a wasp three times all in the same thirty seconds. Two on my back and one really, really close to my eye that it swelled up and I looked quite strange. Worst part, I had to go to school like that.
5.) I've gone to the World Finals competition in Boulder, Colorado for Odyssey of the Mind in fifth grade. The teams from Florida had the motto, "bringing the heat to Boulder," and that week there was an official record high heat wave. Freaky.
6.) My first official friend was Madeline and we watched the cartoon show, Maisy, together.
7.) To my -- I suppose former-- friend Ethan, I am, er was, Supergirl.
8.) In seventh grade, I opted out on going to a field trip to the Keys. I only sort of regret not going.
9.) I detest mustard after I watched my oldest brother eat it by itself by the spoonful.
10.) I had three blogs on AOL before this one.

Since I forgot to tag before, time to tag eight people. If you've already been tagged it's up to you to do it again or simply disregard: Scarlett, Abs, Katie, Strawberry, Catherine, adubbskthx, A Girl With One Eye and Jessica.

Continue having a magnificent weekend, dear readers!


  1. Your new header is ahhhhmazing! It it is very eye catching yet gives your layout and nice clean look. I can't convey how swell I think it is!

    I am thinking about getting rid of my "no right click" html. I give away alot of awards and then people can't even save them! Plus who do I think I am that people would want to save my stuff? Tsk tsk.

    On your previous post your drawing of your brother was excellent. Now that I am in drawing one I have SO much for appreciation for artists, especially good ones (like yourself) because it isn't easy!

    I would love to start a charity-esque blog but I know people feel inky about giving money online. Maybe we can think of something free yet helpful. I shall ponder.

    I am standing with my jaw on the floor of you winning a national contest.

  2. No. No I do not.

    That's a good point. I guess everyone has different morals...but I digress. I just wish someone would make an official decision. I guess I'm just impatient, but it is a bit tiresome...I think the government should step in where insurance is concerned, hospital bills should be reduced, and more effort should go into medical research. I guess that's a little far-fetched though...I also really can't say, considering I don't even know what health care is now, but that seems like a good plan. Really, the economy should be focused on first. We can't do anything without funds.

  3. <3 the new header. very spiffy.
    i loved Maisy! I'm glad you mentioned the show since i would never have remembered otherwise.
    why won't AOL red let me sign in!! is the website no longer available? or is my laptop junk?

  4. I AM IN BOOK CLUB! And botany club... and chess club...

    Go team!

  5. I love the new header!!!! <3 awesome!
    Lizzie, everyone fails at least one test in their lifetime, so it was bound to happen sometime. But I'm more than sure that you'll make up for it ten fold! Don't sweat the small stuff.

    Thanks for the award! I've already gotten it before, so I dont think I'll answer the questions(it was pretty hard coming up with ten haha).