September 17, 2009

I do not like five paragraph essays.

Some of you will and some of you won't comprehend what I mean when I write that I have had multiple five paragraph essays due. Obviously you can guess it's generic structure of five paragraphs, which personally I think is an annoyingly formulaic way to write. The first paragraph is introductory and you make a thesis statement. That is universal for any type of essay, but then you are limited to three "body" paragraphs to address three separate points about your topic. This is not a hard task. Oh no, it is a tedious, almost mind-numbing, assignment. My running total of ones written this week is three. And I didn't even have school on Monday! One in P.E. about three questions I'd ask someone (dead or alive). I chose Abraham Lincoln. One in English about which of the following I deemed most important: being popular, accomplishing things or being organized. I picked the latter. Curious as to why? Well, read my essay, er, ask. One for Chemistry dealing with where I see myself in ten years (that I most recently finished). Fun, fun.

There's not much to update you on other than my pitiful 77% on a math quiz. Gah! It was before we got our tests back (the one I failed and I think I would've not made the same dumb mistakes had I had it to go over prior to the quiz.) Oh, well. I am determined to be do better on the other quizzes and tests from now on.

I want my history test back -- now.


  1. I love the last photo; you looks so adorable! :D
    Did you cut your hair? It looks quite short.

  2. wow, your pretty cutee.
    I never want a test back unless its an essay
    cause i love seeing if people enjoy what I
    write. anywhoo. Cool.

  3. I really dislike personal essays, such as who's been an inspiration to you, what obstacles have you overcome, where do you see yourself in ten years, blah blah. I never know how to answer those without sounding cliché and lame. I smile at the fact that your teacher had you guys write an essay not dealing with chemistry (unless someone plans to be a chemist, pharmacist, etc. in the next ten years).

    Thank you, thank you.
    I'm glad you have like my headers. I work hard to get the look that I want.

    YES! Please get into Survivor. I'm sure you'd like it. It's on Thursdays on CBS at 8. :D

  4. Haha. Yup :)

    I think I'll comment on your entry.

    I hate five-paragraph essays too, and we do them ALL THE TIME, though not quite as much as you do :) They're so unbelievably annoying. Most people would get more out of a subject by discussing it and taking notes. Or maybe that's just me. Whatever.

    Wow 0.0 I guess math gets harder the higher grade you're in. We just had our first quiz of the year yesterday, and I feel pretty confident about it, but then, you always are.

    Maybe you're working too hard. It's like when you're playing Mariokart--if you just relax, you'll win every time, but if you grip the wheel like something you grip really hard, and concentrate on every little thing, you never will.

  5. Five paragraph essays ARE definitely tedious :-/