September 13, 2009

Wind chimes.

My brothers each made a set of wind chimes in their semester-long pottery classes in high school. They took the class solely to receive the art credit in order to graduate, but both were decent at it. I just thought I'd share that I don't have all the artistic ability in the family. I'm probably the one that uses it with any great frequency and thus have gotten better over the years though.

Oh, and by Scarlett's request, here I am actually wearing the panda necklace I made.

I get tomorrow off from school. Hurray!


  1. I like it very much. The panda pendant looks awesome as a necklace.

    I love wind chimes.
    Enjoy your day off!

  2. forgetful? your talking to the most forgetful person there is.

  3. Oohh, that's very cool! Wind chimes end up getting on my nerves though haha. Your pendant is adorable though!

  4. What? You have something against Twilight?
    It's actually very good.

    Heh. I have this weird habbit of answering the last thing first.

    Well, it's good someone does. Half my friends don't even like guys, which I find completely ridiculous. I've liked guys since I could tell the difference. *sigh* It makes me so afraid to look at him, and yet I really, really want to all the time. I feel like I never see him anymore, but maybe I'm just depressed.

  5. Those are really cool! I love that they're made out of stones.

    Thanks for the sweet comment (:

  6. Haha, ok. I meant the soundtrack is actually very good, though. The movie was eh, okay, and the book wasn't very good even though I loved it.

    Sounds intense. I'd probably wave kinda robotically back, but after he was halfway gone so he'd kinda half-see, and then I'd start hyperventilating. I think you played it much better.

  7. I like the flower imprints, very organic feeling and natural.

  8. I'm really jealous of the wind chimes, i really wish i could make that.
    But then again, thats what google is for.

    Artistic, I like it.
    you have a real talent, be it
    however you decide to use it.

    Cello, I'm Eli.
    and dont feel obliged to follow,
    I do it for more therapeutic purposes you know?