October 09, 2009

Bad days are necessary. They help us grow.

This time, I didn't fail a math test. In fact, I got an astounding 88% on my math quiz today, maintaining my above average grade. Rather it all started no less than a minute out of my house in the morning to depart to school. I had stepped in dog poo. And it only gets worse.

I realized that something was amiss when I smelled the foul odor during the car ride. While getting out, I saw there was a brownish stain on the floor and my brother noted I had a "grass stain" on my leg. Sure, it sort of looked like it with other grass debris stuck to it, but it was definitely sticky. Sorry, that may have been too much information. Yeah, I was grossed out, too. I rushed to the bathroom to clean it off as much as humanly possible and proceeded to wash my hands about five times. That was just one small catastrophes of several.

Naturally, for my PE class we were outside. I was walking along with my friend Kaila, when all of a sudden I felt like something had gotten on the bottom of my shoe. Nope, not dog poo, gum this time. A huge, fat wad of it, no less. I was disgusted. What horrible luck I was having.

I then made the mistake of truly looking forward to a batch of cupcakes Aniesa planned and insisted on making for me. I even brought my camera to document the joyous lunch I'd have, sharing cupcakes with my friends. I'm sure you can guess already; I got my hopes up too high. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between her and a friend had. She had given it to him to put in our fourth period's teacher's classroom. He didn't do that. Therefore, the cupcakes were abandoned and I was a little upset. Still, it was the thought that counted and I was very flattered Aniesa would go to the trouble of baking and frosting it all herself.

During lunch, I at least would be able to enjoy a favorite food item, pizza dippers, from the cafeteria. Not. They were all out by the time I got there and I settled for chicken nuggets. I was pretty darn bummed.

History was sort of a bust. It was another girl's birthday today in my class and she was handing out -- yeah, you guessed it again -- cupcakes to only her select friends. I am not one of those select friends. My teacher ate two of the "extras" whole. As in, one bite and it's devoured. That was...odd.

So much other stuff had gone on I hadn't put much thought into how I was going to do on my math quiz. I was fairly confident, but, confidence can be my demise. I took it slowly and as I said earlier, got a 88%. I only knew this after school, though and all through my next period I was worried.

In art, I was feeling particularly mopey. I wasn't very enthused to draw. My two best friends from the class, Melissa and Michelle listened to me tell about my crappy day and how tomorrow is my birthday. (They also sit closest to me.) As I was looking down to try to shade details of my brother's hair, they would mouth stuff. By the end of the period, the two, after "doing something for the teacher" emerged with this huge card , balloons and candy. Everyone in the class's signatures were on the card with this giant panda and happy birthday on the front. It was adorable and so sweet! Yes, it definitely made my day exponentially brighter. :D

The final bell had rung and I was smiling again. I made strides towards my bus, ready to get home, when I hear Aniesa from behind me calling my name. I turn around, and lo and behold, she has one of the containers of cupcakes. She explained that the teacher hadn't known who they belonged to and allowed the kids to have some, yet she had just come from that teacher's class and was able to retrieve what was left.

Man, it was all one helluva day. Tomorrow should be sweetawesome. I'm hanging with Nikki. [:


  1. I stepped in dog poo the other day too. It is an awful and smelly experience.

    I think your art friends are ace and I like the panda undertones that are going on in everything you got!

    I'm glad you didn't let your last math experience get you down and you came back and showed that test who was boss : )

    Happy Birthday Lizzie. You are pretty darn fantastic I must say.

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  3. I agree fully with the quote.
    I have had plenty of bad days the past weeks, but like The Robinsons say: "Keep Moving Forward."

    Since you love pandas, I've googled and found probably the most adorable photos!
    Hope these bring smiles <3 <3


  4. Oh no!! why don't my links work? D":
    I'm sorry.

  5. lol what kind of a teacher gives students mysterious cupcakes? honestly.