October 06, 2009

Blue whale.

Book club was less than stellar today. Not only had I not read the book (I tried skimming throughout the school day; no dice) but then I ended up ruining the content for a signed copy of the book as well as the picture of the group. We redid both to correct them, but at the time of each I could almost literally feel my self-esteem reach sharp rock bottom. I've recovered, though.

The best news of all, though? I HAVE A "B" IN MATH NOW!!! Thank you for all the words of encouragement everyone along the way. They helped bunches! Oh man, it is such a relief. I'd go into detail about the exact grades except I know my UK readers will be lost as it is. A "B", in words, is considered above average, and an "A" is considered outstanding. So, yes, this is good news.

The deadline for a pencil drawing of my brother is this Friday. If I work on it enough the next two days, I'll definitely be done and will take a picture before I hand it in. I've started brainstorming for my free-form watercolor and if I thought could well, I'd describe it.

Only four more days until I get to see my best friend. It feels like an eternity until then. I sincerely hope everyone is doing well and I shall comment back as soon as possible.

Ah, and I can't forget to mention that we placed first at the Academic Team meet last night! Denny's afterwards was on the more lame side because we didn't have enough people to play mafia. (It's a card game. A really, really, fun one. Check it out if you haven't already.)


  1. way to go!! good for you! :D

    so real analysis basically goes into precalculus and calculus, but instead of finding the answer, it's proving why the answer is what it is. :P

  2. Thanks. Jesus, but you should see my math grades. Haha, you're probably doing better than I am! Good job! Keep up the good work!

    Ah, yes, but the problem with that is I already know everyone and they already know me. Half of them I don't even want to know. Oh, but did you mean outside of school? Sorry, I just spazzed out with nervousness.
    I hate being shy.

  3. You know lifes getting bad when your rock bottom has sharp rocks in it, I usually try to keep mine stocked with blunt rocks when I can...