October 21, 2009

Do you think about me now and then?

Homecoming was awesome! I loved every minute of it. Puja, Aniesa and I danced pretty much the whole time and man was I sore afterwords. Such a workout. (I say that, but our theme was 'Candyland' so anything I burned off, I most likely regained. haha.) I would see people I knew and talk to them briefly and then move on. It's already decided that we're going again next year. Here are the photos I have of it so far. Stupidly, I didn't bring my own camera with me, yet that was because I thought it'd be too bulky and liable to break if around my neck. Here's me, Puja and Aniesa.
I had gone to my friend Regina's house for a pre-party to get ready with the various girls I'm friends with. I had to edit this particular photo because the blur was uncool. Now I made the blurry-ness more or less artistic. Maybe. Oh, and the guy, Garrett, had come towards the end for just dinner, pictures and departure. From left to right: Emily, Puja, me, Swanny, Garrett, Morgan and Regina. Aniesa wasn't able to make it.
Did anyone watch the SNL episode where Gerard Butler hosted? If I recall correctly, it was on just this past Saturday. I think I have digitally recorded it. If not, hulu here I come. From what I gather, though, that site, as lovely as it is, can't show full episodes of certain things due to copyright issues, which makes sense, I suppose.

I entered my pumpkin in the pumplin decorating contest at school today. It is done through the library and basically, it has the same concept as the cake contest I did last spring. Pick a book that deals with scary stuff, the supernatural, vampires, etc. All of this is part of some -- I believe national -- Teen Reed Week. I hope I win because there are more prizes than there are entrants. Someone will get to? I have no idea. Official judging is tomorrow and the results revealed tomorrow afternoon. I chose Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I've probably mentioned the book before. Here's the finished pumpkin:

Math homework awaits.


  1. It's hard not to when I feel happy that my crush is positioned so that I can pretend he's looking at me. Gawd, he has big eyes...

    Heh, 'tis quite alright. Hope you feel better sooooooooooooooooon :(

    Gawsh, I wish I had an event to cover. I. AM. SO. BORED. Lol, I like your posts.

    YOU MEAN ANON? SAY IT ISN'T SO! That does sound rather irking. How'd you find out?

  2. aww yay i'm glad you had so much fun! maybe i missed out then on good times, who knows. ;P
    good luck with your math homework!

  3. Ah cute photos! i wish we had homecoming in the UK.

    For all things fashion:

  4. You look so pretty in your homecoming dress! And that pumpkin looks way cool, great job with it:)

  5. That rainbow necklace you're wearing in the homecoming picture is lovely. I'm a little jealous!
    Coraline was my favourite book for a while. I haven't watched the film though. Coraline's voice sounded all wrong in the trailer so I was put off - a wonderful story though!
    Neil Gaiman is just generally brilliant. About a week ago I read his 'The Graveyard Book' and it was great! Definitely one I'd recommend if you liked Coraline!