October 02, 2009

Does my hair make you feel weird?

I'm having a bad case of the missing-your-best-friend-itis. Just eight more days.

My high school's second home football game of the school year was tonight. We won!! I went and was spotted by a friend of mine, Ally, that goes to another school. So her, her friend, Mia, and I hung out. Only downfall was this group of seniors that kept adding more and more friends to their throng, pushing us three into horrible seats. Highlight was we sat almost directly next to the band section and the music was invigorating.

I am going to Homecoming. I started out this week pretty sure I wasn't going to. Then on Tuesday I wasn't so adamant. By Wednesday, people were asking me left and right if I was planning to attend and trying to get me to come. Finally, on Thursday, Aniesa was suckered into going, who in turn suckered Puja and they both suckered me. Regardless, I think I'm going to have a fun time. The theme is Candyland. I have yet to buy a dress. Thankfully, there is still time. It is about two weeks away.

My overall average for math now is a C. A low C, but a C nonetheless. We've been granted the opportunity to retake any test per nine weeks and that makes me happy to no end. I'm signed up to come in early in the morning to redo the test I failed over "silly mistakes" on Monday. I still have a shot at raising it to a B. Thus, this weekend is mainly devoted to studying. It is also the reason I'm writing this now as quickly and concisely as I can.

My art teacher said she'd take pictures of the coconuts herself. I'll keep you guys updated and I'll be sure to ask for a copy of the photo she takes. My turtles drawing is off to display at an event and I'm very close to completing the drawing of my brother. Good grief, I've been talking about it for ages now. About darn time, right?

I'm stoked because I joined this club at my school that is technically the online literary magazine. I have yet to divulge I have a blog and am, in this aspect, computer/technologically savvy. (Even at that, I'm nothing compared to say, my oldest brother.) Anyway, I said I'd be more a photographer and artist for it, but have written up a few things I'll submit.

Squirrel! I'm glad I got this shot. I've been missing a lot of butterflies lately. Timing is practically everything.

Oh, and Happy October! Haha, as if the month itself is a holiday. It should be, it really should.


  1. you can dooo iiiiit. (:
    i never actually did go to any of those dances, myself. tell us how it goes, eh?

  2. Thank you!
    Good luck on your upcoming math test; be sure to do something nice for yourself afterwards, no matter what the outcome!
    And nice squirrel pic--really, they make me laugh with their antics :)