October 16, 2009

Long entry alert!

The past week or so has been bustling with activity, which is both good and bad. Good because my birthday and its celebration with my best friend, Nikki, on Saturday was spectacular and made me forget about the horrible day I had before. We went and hung out at an outside mall, and took pictures.

Then we ate at Pizza Gallery, a lovely restaurant, and, as probably obvious by its name, full of art. The garlic knots are to die for! After that we went and saw The Invention of Lying. I think my expectations were too high, because I didn't love; it wasn't nearly as funny. Bad because I've had very little time to do much else.

Starting Monday was my school's spirit week and since we have today (Friday) off, we had to cram all the fun days into four instead of five. Monday was Wacky Tacky/Decade's Day. I think I saw at least fifteen girls dressed in leggings, a skirt, a sweatshirt coming off of one shoulder and hair in high pony-tails. I, instead, just went all out crazy with my outfit. Puja caught me off guard when she took this picture at lunch:
I also traded with my friend Kaitlin a piece of candy from a bucket I had previously won during a team-building thing with fellow really smart kids in the school.
On Tuesday, we had Traffic Light Day. Let me explain. We were supposed to dress up from head to toe in a certain color based on our relationship status. Green meant single, yellow meant confused, it's complicated, etc., and red equaled taken. I wore my green and that was that. I wish I had a camera when I saw these three girl walking around in boxes painted black with and then the three colors, mimicking the traffic light. How clever!

Wednesday was Cartoon Day and each class was technically assigned a network. Seniors got the best, Nickelodeon, and juniors got Cartoon Network. The sophomores, Disney, and the freshmen PBS. I didn't dress up, and hardly any of my friends did. I did not desire to be Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Here's myself and Aniesa on such day:
Yesterday was Spirit Day and I dressed up in our colors/as our mascot.


  1. Spirit week was always the best week of school. PBS-you should have totally been Arthur! haha. Your pictures are wonderful and I want to eat that pizza gallery place. yumm!

  2. I love Spirit Week. There's this massive dance at the end of it. Haha, but we have it at the end of the year. It's a very wise placement, I think.

    Happy Birthday! :D

    Gosh. I should have green but it feels like yellow...sigh.

    So what's up? We haven't comment/talked in a while :(

  3. aw, how fun! i miss those days. ._.