November 22, 2009

I have no idea what to title this.

I want to buy all the lovely tights in the world. I want all the pretty dresses, maybe a few hideous ones too. Charlotte Russe has some really cheap tights and leggings and yet, I really should not spend money. And honestly, I should come back to reality. I can't buy everything. Frugality shall persist.

I had to analyze the poem The Highwayman in English recently. Our teacher purposefully gave us little instruction as to what it was about. We had to make our best guesses as to what the rhyme scheme was and the type. I think the assignment was enough to make a few people's heads spin. You know, like in the Exorcist. My hopes are I wasn't totally wrong and have the potential to improve. What's really annoying is when, after dealing with grammar first thing in the day during English, I start dissecting sentences. In the sentence right before this, I know I used an appositive. I'm excited to start reading Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing next semester. I've already located my mom's ancient copy.

Math has been fine. In a perfect world I would devote two hours every night to practicing problems. I've maintained a steady 'B' and my hopes are to boost it to an A. I laugh every time a friend in my grade groans about the math, considering they're taking the math I took last year. Now they know exactly how I felt -- overwhelmed. More to the point, it'd be wise to get off my bottom and do that.

Man, I always babble on about school. My apologies. How about this? My best friend finally got a cell phone! Yay!

I'm also decorating a T-shirt. Not totally done, but this is part of what I have so far.
(The guy on the left is James McAvoy, and the other is Gerard Butler. hehehe.)


  1. I just wanted to let you know I very much enjoy following your blog.


  2. haha, I love the shirt. Take ME to Scotland too! I am so bad at math. Maybe you could tutor me? ha. your blog is lovely. And i am totally right there with you when it comes to not wanting to spend money. But this time of year I am always so tempted to buy cozy sweaters and boots... ugh. Oh well. We must resist!


  3. can you please make me a shirt too?? that is ahh-mazing ;)

  4. I'd have to say you are right :) It was you and your playlist.

    I know :D
    I'm just an interesting person *bows, accepts roses*

    I KNOW, RIGHT???? Sadness. That, and when he looked through the Adventure Book and Ellie had filled it in :(