December 18, 2009

I see you.

I am free from school until January 5th! It is so refreshing to know I can sleep in late. Don't get me wrong, there is a pile of stuff I should accomplish between now and, say, the new year, but tonight was for revelry:

Me and eleven of my friends (Aniesa, Puja, Garrett, Zach, Regina, Luke, Patricia, Joy, Jacob, Andrea and Monica) went and packed the movie theater to see James Cameron's action film, Avatar. It was amazing, and Sam Worthington is a cutie. We didn't, however, see it in 3D as planned because a few people complained of the cost. I wanted 3D glasses so I could run around like a doofus with them on in plain daylight. Still, I had a great time.

I hope tomorrow Nikki and I can go Christmas shopping together. I believe she has to do something as part of Robotics. I don't think she'd be mad for hanging with the people I did tonight, but I'm never sure. It's probably all good and I over-think, as always.

Haha, oh my! my brother just gave me his 3D glasses. He went to see Avatar too, just in a separate movie theater, at a different time, with only his girlfriend.

Ah, and here is a breakdown of my exam and then semester scores.

English -- 89% on the exam, A for the semester
PE -- I'm not sure, probably A for the semester considering I had a 99% going in and I could use my notes on the exam
Chemistry -- 90% on the exam, A for the semester
Spanish -- 93% on the exam, A for the semester
History -- 100% on the exam, A for the semester
Math -- 91%, B for the semester
Art -- I'm not sure, probably an A for the semester since I'm cool like that

I wish my English exam grade was higher. I suppose that's what I get for neglecting truly studying grammar. Look at that math grade on the exam, though! Sweetawesome.


  1. =O! Lucky! I still have three days of school left...

  2. I hate you. I have 2 1/2 days left. That is time that could be spent SHOPPING.

    Dude 0.0 You have a lot of friends. Haha, I have abour 15 in all (yes, I count, shut up). But seriously, I CAN'T WAIT to see that movie!!! Plus my English teacher is giving extra credit to anyone who writes a review on it, which is stupid because I'm in newspaper and I coudl write it for free, but oh well, I need the points! Heh. I'm a fail with homework.

    3-D glasses are awesome 0.0 but I'd rather they handed out dinosaur glasses.

    In case you weren't sure, I'm being this, um, peppy on purpose, because I'm very lethargic about EVERYTHING. Even that it's snowing.

    You're grades are awesome! What are you talking about?? I got a B in math last semester (even though, truthfully, I think I'm getting an A this time, because I'm doing SO much better on tests). Yay!!!

  3. Hah. I'm like a snow junkie.

    Hurricanes????? Wait, you live in Florida, right? My friend is moving there at the end of the year *glares at friend*

    Meh. I don't have any friends-of-friends. Haha, no one outside my group likes me. It's kinda sad.

    I KNOW RIGHT? The beautiful thing is she's giving the points based off of how good it is, which means I'm getting at least one missed homework assignment pretty much back. I feel like I'm beating the system.

    I dunno. I was just trying to be random :) which is stupid because being random means you do things without thinking about them, and if I was trying to do something then I'd have to think about it, but I digress. But dinosaur glasses would be pretty darn awesome.

    Haha, the snow cheered me up considerably :)

    Haha, yay!

    I think I should mention that the word verifications on my page and yours are: nommon and ascole. Both quite amusing.

    Number of times I used I/me in this comment: 19. Fail.

  4. Wow you have amazing marks. The math mark is amazing. I used to suck at math...still do.