December 26, 2009

It's a feeling inside that keeps building.

*NOTE: This bird is not dead, I promise. This just happened to be one of the best shots where you could see its feathers in close detail. I apologize if you were taken aback at first.
I saw these beautiful --Does anyone have any idea what kind of birds these are!? Their head features would suggest a turkey but they had webbed feet. That detail leads me to believe their some breed of duck. Yet the color on their feathers says more peacock -- birds while on an early evening walk Christmas Eve around the block with my brother. We had passed by the birds in the retention pond nearby and I insisted we stop so I could retrieve my camera when we looped around. One of the younger kids in the neighborhood was out and about and was there as I snapped these shots. Apparently they come often? News to me, for sure. He also told me he feeds them bread. That may not be the best idea. As far as I know they are tame in the sense they don't attack. I suppose they wouldn't if you're offering food.

Regardless, I thought these feathered fellows' wings were so lovely colored! I was incredibly grateful to have such a good zoom on my camera or otherwise I may not have gotten any closer than I did for the first picture. (It does not look it, but the ground right next to the pond has the consistency of quick sand.) Also, had the city decided not to tear down the fence around the pond and put up palm tress instead, I would've never been close. The fence was up when it was known there were alligators living in the pond. Oh, and snapping turtles. I remember being nearly frightened to death of those things.

I got splendid gifts. I did not get an ipod touch unlike her and a few of my friends, though. This is mighty fine, I have no real want for one. You see, my family instead bought me littler things (and one giant thing) they knew for certain I'd want and love. For example, I am now the proud owner of not two, but count 'em three Scottish calenders, two panda ones, and two art ones. They're amazing and I cannot wait until the new year to put them up. The giant thing I'm referring to do is plush Giant panda. Duh!

In addition, I got this adorable turtle pin from my grandparents.
A few years back for Christmas, my grandmother made me a necklace type-pouch with a turtle charm attached to it. It's cool, too. One day I'll take a picture of it.

All right, I think I've written enough. I hope everyone is enjoying their post-Christmas and pre-New Years time. I will certainly try to continue doing so.


  1. the second photo startled me a bit. i thought the unidentified bird breed was dead and that you had taken a photograph of it. i'm glad i'm wrong.

    the itouch is overrated. i have one and the only thing i like about it is that i have pandora on it. i prefer the chunky and classic ipod.

    the turtle pin is stellar! i love turtles.

  2. I'm glad you got the gifts you wanted :) The birds are so pretty!

  3. looks like a duck to me. The birds are gorgeous, the amount of color in the feathers is unbelievable.

  4. :DD i love the color
    i'm honored to be a sweetawesome friend! (:

  5. Well, no, but why would I want to eat them? Haha, I should take pictures with my new video camera that I have not used. *cries*

    WELL. Fine then!
    Picky picky picky.

    Oooooooooh that's a good idea! :D Haha, I did that with my horse calendar, except I didn't make a collage...oh well.

    Ch'yea. New Moon and horses. Y'know, I think you won.

  6. d'awww turtle pin!
    d'awww sweetawesome friend! green's one of my favorite colors. (:

  7. Dead bird!<--okay that was my first thought I admit. When I read that it was alive I could appreciate it's majestic feathers.

    I la-la-la-love that I get to have my name in big blue letters on the side of one the most awesome blogs in existence. Thanks and love<3

    My grandparents have always given me rabbit knickknacks. I have many a rabbit pin and all of the make my heart warm.

    I love calenders! You must too ; )