December 07, 2009

To the depths of the ocean where our hopes sank searching for you.

I bought myself a few gifts for Christmas. They came in the mail from here:

I still have no clue what to get each of my friends. I'm thinking about getting Nikki whatever she wants, Aniesa something for her car, Patricia a lovely necklace, Kaitlin something of the anime/manga variety, Jaclyn a good book, Vashti something to do with Vikings, and Puja a Books A Million giftcard. That last gift seems stingy, but I have my reasoning. Oh no, not that she's a bad friend. Her mom just gets upset when she just buys books and it's hard not to buy books when your as an avid reader as Puja and are involved in multiple series. I think for her birthday (that is this summer) I'm going to pre-order a copy of the third book in The Hunger Games series.

My art teacher was singing the praises of the movie, The Blind Side, today. Has anyone seen it?

This one girl and I have 50 mutual friends on Facebook. It's insane. The funniest part about this is the fact that I probably won't ever add her, and vise versa. We're not enemies per say, I think we just got off on the wrong foot -- and kept hobbling without so much as a crutch after a while and then face-planted. Am I jumping up and down to mend what was this once already troubled friendship? No siree. Do I think she should be the one to extend the olive branch? Kind of. Does it really matter? Yes, because it keeps nagging me at the back of my mind. If she wanted to play mind games, well, perhaps she's succeeding; I'm pretty sure I'm about to lose my mind.


  1. Lizzie!
    How art thou?
    Buying presents for oneself is fun. And it's uber suspenseful when one refrains from using it till after Christmas. =) I already picked out the rainboots that I want. My mom is buying it this week, I believe, but I may not use it till Christmas. SUSPENSEFUL.
    I am still thinking about what I will get my friends. I need to start Christmas shopping.

  2. lol it's so weird when that happens; there's these people from ages ago who are mutual friends with hella people...
    oh maaaan, i so want to go to the harry potter world place! eventually, anyway. i'm a busy person. :( i will probably be busy until spring '11. lol. oh, man. i'm so sad.

  3. Bahaha, our school's dichotomies are so screwed up, there are people whom I have nearly 150 mutual friends with, but whom I absolutely despise...