December 21, 2009

Where is the hot chocolate?

"This is a story about a man named Eddie and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun. It might seem strange to start a story with an ending. But all endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time."
--The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

I finally checked this book out from the library. I think I'm going to devote most of my time the next few days to reading it. That is, of course, when I'm not hibernating. It is actually cold, by a Floridian's standard, making it the perfect weather in which I can curl up under the comforter and enjoy a good book.

But the current prediction for Christmas day here? Rainy and hot. Swell.

In case I forget to say it another time: Happy holidays to all! I appreciate every single one of my readers very, very much!!


  1. I'll have to check out that book. Happy holidays!

  2. Hmm. What is a Floridan's idea of cold? :)

  3. Oh. Basil told Kim to tell me that if I really liked him, I'd stop liking him. And he's currently going out with Emily, who I didn't know he even liked. There ya go.

    Haha, and a Merry Christmas to you too. Um, don't I always read your blog? We're like blog buddies! :D lol. I'm nerdy.

  4. :) Yesh, that ish rather lucky. But it's only for J.C.Penney's, and I have not found ANYTHING I really like there (which is strange, because it's my favorite store). Oh well. Gift cards will keep.

    ....I dunno. I just bought the CD :)

    Hah, I LOLed at that last sentence. Anyway. Me too! They don't even TRY to be original. Oh, is that a powerful, moving scene? WELL IT'S REPEATED ABOUT A HUNDRED DIFFERENT TIMES IN EVERY OTHER MOVIE EVEN REMOTELY ABOUT SPORTS EVER MADE!

    .....What on Earth did you do in Career Research?

    Haha, I do sometimes, because TECHNICALLY I'm not supposed to so I can't wear it all the time, and I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of clear mascara, because so far it doesn't seem to do ANYTHING. Meh. I'll figure it out.

    :D I forget what we were talking about, but I must've had a good point, so yay!