January 08, 2010

Come roll the dice for me.

Four days back to school and it feels like I never left. It was all fairly productive. Within the short time frame I had a math quiz, a Spanish project assigned (to be completed by next Friday), history booknotes, read Act I of "Much Ado About Nothing" by Shakespeare in English and balanced chemical equations in Chemistry. Thus, needless to say I was excited to wake up this morning and realize it was Friday.

I'm currently working on a drawing of my grandfather, a WWII vet. (Not that my other grandfather is in anyway less cool. In fact, before too long, I am hoping I can draw all my relatively close family members.) I'm planning on completing it sometime in the coming week so expect a picture soon. I'd say I have about 60% more to go.

Meanwhile, our art teacher gave us our next project. We must select a social issue and then portray it, in any medium we choose, and successfully convey an emotion. Which prompts me to ask you, what do you consider a social issue? We had a class discussion about it on Tuesday and it really does depend. Shoot, I don't think everyone in the world even believes genocide happens and other things like that. I won't reveal what issue I plan to tackle nor exactly how right now. It's true, though, that I've been back and forth. At first I considered making my piece ceramic only to realize it might be hard to even learn pottery basics, much less try to use advanced techniques.

These shirts are funny. The far back has a block of cheese facing a grater and exclaiming says, "OKAY! OKAY! I'LL TALK! I'LL TALK!" and the closer up one says, "I only date ninjas."
(click on it to go the site I found it on.)

This might just be my new favorite color. Aha, sort of.

Have a good weekend!


  1. We read "MAAD" in my high school english class. My teacher was obsessed with making us act out dialogue. I am a big nerd so I loved every minute of it.

    What a great art project. If it's not too personal I hope you will reveal your final product : )

    Those shirts. Pure hilarity.

  2. I hope you share the final project with us, it sounds like a good challenge. Right now we are doing a project based on a myth legend or rumor.

  3. Oh I wish I had those tights. They are so gorgeous.

    I guess a social issue is anything that affects the community. We're having a Charity Ball at school for Youth Without Shelter.