January 18, 2010

Fall came late.

I'm of few words today. Just know that I think life is ironic and I'm struggling to be happy amidst conflict.

The 'camera obscura' necklace I got from ModCloth.com for Christmas. I love it!
My Blowfish hobbit boots. :D

I seriously hope you all have a tremendous week while I ponder the meaning of life and perhaps start painting this:It's a nebula!


  1. i love camera obscura! We are friends. haha. I love the shoes but I don't think that I could pull them off!

  2. OH NO! Lizzie thinks I've disappeared! *cries* No, my internet was just out for two weeks or so, which sucked in so many ways. I don't hate you; actually, I completely forgot to add his name, and I'm glad you pointed it out. Haha. I'm back, baby. *thumbs up, cool sunglasses, surfer accent*

  3. oooh there are so many cool nebulas; i wouldn't know how to start painting such a thing! lol. but good luck! :D

  4. I have had moments/days/weeks/months of trying to stay afloat when everything seems to be trying to pull me down. Stay strong. Hopefully your blogging community can provide some smiles : )

    Your "hobbit boots" are adorable, as is your necklace, and YOU of course<3

  5. I swear on all that is holy, every single person I know on Blogger likes them!! They're okay, but honestly, the songs are a little boring and all sound the same. There, I said it. Please don't kill me!!!!

    Yesh, my summer playlist :) And yesh, you did.

    Urrrrrm, I think I've heard of it before, but I wasn't sure, so I included it.

  6. I like the pictures!


    check out my blog if you want. It's a collection of writing I've done :)