January 25, 2010

The night starts here.

I realized I never showed my free-form watercolor to you all. It was my first time using the medium and I am not happy with the result. I feel like I let myself down. I wish I could show you some of my classmates' work -- it's amazing! One girl, incidentally also Stephen/Steven's ex-girlfriend, did this spectacular piece where a girl had an octopus for hair and was surrounded by other sea creatures. When our teacher had first introduced the project -- last November yet -- she showed multiple examples that included marine life and I think it influenced most of us in the class to do something similar, almost subconsciously. Anyway, the girl's watercolor was also featured/made into a poster for a local art show and won money. How cool is that? I think she is well-deserving.

Model Student Senate was unexpectedly fun. I think my various friends enjoyed being either Senators or pages. But, if nothing else, we got to skip a day of school. Will I continue to do it next year? Probably.

I also went and saw To Save a Life with Aniesa, her sister and others yesterday. It wasn't bad. I think I inhaled enough popcorn to certify having high blood pressure, though! I know they do that intentionally so you'll buy a large drink as well. Sneaky, sneaky scamming bums! Now I want make a trip to the cinemas to see The Lovely Bones and perhaps Sherlock Holmes.

Today is my first best friend's birthday. We lost touch after pre-K and have recently reconnected through Facebook. I miss watching Maisy with her. Plus, tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Time to make a card.

It's going to be interesting to juggle three art projects at once. One will be the nebula -- not the one orignally posted -- with not paint but oil pastels. New medium, new struggles? I'm up for the challenge. My grandfather drawing still looms and I've recently been tackling my social issue project. I'll let you see a picture of it. It's not even close to being done. I'll be taking guesses as to what you think the issue might be based off this small hint in the comments. :]

Good night and good luck.


  1. You shouldn't be disappointed. Your painting is great. I enjoy watercolors. Hopefully, I'll take art next semester. *crosses fingers* Looking at your amazing art projects makes me want to start drawing again.
    Definatley see Sherlock Holmes. It's awesome.
    My guess: Women injustice?
    Good luck on all of your artistic endeavours.

  2. Okay, still awesome pictures :)

  3. so artistic! I love your header. I wish I'd seen that movie you mention..to save a life.

  4. Listen! Listen now! It's awesome.

    Pssh, your artwork is great. You should take comfort in the fact that it is 100% better than anything I could ever do, and it's probably way better than half the kids in your class. Go you!

    Maybe it's contagious. SOME people haven't blogged in months *coughMollycoughAriacough*

    Faugh! (I have always wanted to use that before...haha.) I never study. Maybe that's why I get so many wrong, but anyway :) I bet it's way harder in high school, though.

    I have never read that. But I read two others! :D which makes me feel smart, especially considering it's two more than most of the other kids in my school. I'm more of a sonnet person, you know. And you're right, it is a tad bit confusing, though I get it...kinda. :)

  5. Your watercolor painting is great, I've recently been more opted to do tempura paint, it's so time consuming though.

    I loved Sherlock Holmes, I thought the Lovely Bones was okay but lacked a lot of important parts in comparison to the book.

    I haven't seen To Save a Life, is it good? And I know! Everything in cimenas burn a hole in my pocket. So I try to keep my trips sparse, haha.

  6. i like the watercolor, its a difficult medium (so permanent! no painting over!) and yours is excellent for a first attempt.
    We've done two art projects at a time since the begininging of the year. SO STRESSFUL. I'm intruiged to see how the clay works out, I completely suck at clay. My guess is depression/suicide. I'm not sure if that counts as a social issue but whatever...