January 13, 2010

Rope up your mind.

The days just keep going by faster and faster.
I know really spelled "siete". It has since been fixed. My point for taking and posting this picture, however, is to show you my ultra lovely storyboard for my Spanish project in which we must take pictures of ourselves going through our daily routine.
My beloved panda Bento box. :D

A guy asked me if I had a special someone in PE the other day. I shrugged, laughed nervously and smiled weakly. I'm awkward when it comes to this kind of stuff, but being told I'm awkward at it only makes me even more so. Anyway, he's older and he gives good hugs. Sadly, I don't remember any other part of the conversation. Chances are he meant nothing by it. Besides, he has a fan club of freshmen girls.

Meanwhile, I said hi to a former crush in the halls and he, fully animated, said hey back. Remember Stephen/Steven and the one girl who used to kiss passionately in the stairwell? Maybe not. Well, they are no longer dating. The former doesn't ride my bus anymore either. Things are ever-changing.

My boots come in the mail tomorrow. I am uber excited! Expect pictures for sure.

Other pictures:

I bid you adieu.


  1. A guy who gives good hugs is an instant cutie in my book. Unless it's like a really creepy, ewww-why-is-he-not-letting-go-of-me-type-hug? haha.

    I wish I was brave enough to buy shoes online. Okay scratch that... I wish I was brave enough to buy ANYTHING online. haha. I am in need of a swimsuit but it's january, and I just can't get in a mindset to go swimsuit shopping...

  2. I LOVE your Bento box.

    No one is more awkward around boys than me. Take comfort in that fact : )

    I do enjoy the rush of seeing someone you used to daydream about. I have had so many of those, haha.

    Be well<3

  3. Haha, I get so awkward when asked that question too.

    I love that box, Panda's being my favourite animal and all.

    Love those pictures of you.