February 27, 2010

Sweet tangerine.

Have you ever broken open a York Peppermint patty? If not, go buy one ASAP and do so. Be sure to put it right next to your ear, or else you'll miss the faint, amazing sound. Sometimes, you have to enjoy the little things.

After sending creative, fun postcards and letters to Kai in the past, she finally got to return one recently. I've since been working on my response. It looks a little something like this:
They're mini-envelopes I constructed with paper and those are silver, shiny scrapbook-esque letters to adorn and seal the flaps. Inside each are slips of paper with the latest info I wanted to share. I manipulated it so the ideas flow in order with the letters to form the words "dear" and "Kai".
On the reverse side I drew something symbolic to represent what I wrote about in that particular envelope.
A close up of one where I drew a tiny Alice and quoted her.

I dislike being sick. You have no idea.

February 22, 2010

Open your lips, let out a song.

Open your heart, let it sing.
"Let Go" by Edison Glass.

Scarlett was right; my social issue project is about homelessness. Congrats, dear! Your prize is whatever your heart desires.

I've been painting the canvas for said project diligently the past few days. If I were to count the number of two dimensional bricks I've done, I think it's somewhere around 90. And I'm not even done. Close, but not done.

I miss talking on the phone. I used to spend almost an hour every evening chatting away with former good friends Ethan and Jade. Once their relationship dissipated, so did the conversations. I used to know their numbers by heart. Now, I'd be lucky if I could name a few, much less in the correct order. I think the change was necessary. However, I have extreme phone anxiety. I don't answer the house phone nowadays. Period. I also only answer my cell phone when it's from a listed contact of mine. It's bizarre.

I better do my English homework.

February 15, 2010

I swear my heart will burst.

This is Fred the fishy. I etched him out of glass.
I took him outside to get a picture with better lighting when I thought of having the sky reflected in it. Cool, no?
I also drew this out of oil pastels on Friday night. For a freehand drawing in an hour, it's not all that bad.
I finally saw Sherlock Holmes! It was awesome. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are brilliant actors. The fact that they are both -- in their own ways -- ridiculously hot is just icing on the cake. On a somewhat related note, I wish Gerard Butler hadn't signed on to do The Bounty Hunter. It feels like another version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith except twisted a little and worse. But that might just be me, and it doesn't really matter if he does a bad movie or two.

Oh, I almost forgot. I hope everyone had a superb Valentine's Day or at least it didn't completely stink and now Happy President's Day! BEST HOLIDAY EVER!

February 09, 2010

And I'll be anything you ask and more.

I have a lot on my mind.

I took the state-wide standardized test for writing this morning. In retrospect, I feel I should've written more about a certain aspect of the topic but there's nothing I can do now. We must pass the test in order to graduate (or take it again next year in order to graduate) and I think I did that but I wanted a perfect score, the coveted six, which I doubt I got. We get our scores back in April-ish. Guess this means I might miss out on a nice lunch -- with the principal no less -- and have to take my English final after all. *snaps fingers across body whilst exclaiming, "Darn tootin'!"*

On the bright side, the math quiz I took today was decent. An 86 is better than my last one. Almost two times better actually, if that says anything. I miss the A's I got at the beginning of the quarter though. Those were the days.

I think the nearby pond is turning into a zoo. Yesterday there was a flock of egrets, that duck thing I've mentioned before, and those elusive turtles all out and about at the same tie. I think it's high time I strap my camera to my back to have 24/7. I might look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame yet it'd be worth it.
That's supposed to be the end of a bench and the second hint to my social issue art project. The first hint is here. Good luck with your guesses. I think the first person to get it right will win a prize. :]

February 03, 2010

Things stay together.

I found my book. I didn't even mention on here I had misplaced my checked out copy of My Sister's Keeper, did I? Well, I did. I even immediately jumped to the conclusion someone took it knowing it was mine and were scheming to make me pay the overdue fines and perhaps the cost of the book. I can be ridiculous; I blame my over-active imagination. Fortunately, I didn't make any wild accusations and instead spotted it at the front of my math classroom today. I must've left it behind the previous afternoon. Oh, well. Problem solved.

Also I was worried after lacking sufficient time to finish, I would get a C on my math test, tarnishing my beautiful A. I gladly used the 15 extra minutes allotted in class to finish.

We've been watching Cinderella Man in history. It actually has some relevance; we are about to cover the chapter about the roaring 20's and then the Great Depression. It's such a captivating movie that I don't mind watching it for a second time. I usually don't find Russell Crowe all that attractive but he just personifies his character well in this movie (and looks pretty darn spiffy doing so I might add.)

I'm sleepy. G'night, all.