February 09, 2010

And I'll be anything you ask and more.

I have a lot on my mind.

I took the state-wide standardized test for writing this morning. In retrospect, I feel I should've written more about a certain aspect of the topic but there's nothing I can do now. We must pass the test in order to graduate (or take it again next year in order to graduate) and I think I did that but I wanted a perfect score, the coveted six, which I doubt I got. We get our scores back in April-ish. Guess this means I might miss out on a nice lunch -- with the principal no less -- and have to take my English final after all. *snaps fingers across body whilst exclaiming, "Darn tootin'!"*

On the bright side, the math quiz I took today was decent. An 86 is better than my last one. Almost two times better actually, if that says anything. I miss the A's I got at the beginning of the quarter though. Those were the days.

I think the nearby pond is turning into a zoo. Yesterday there was a flock of egrets, that duck thing I've mentioned before, and those elusive turtles all out and about at the same tie. I think it's high time I strap my camera to my back to have 24/7. I might look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame yet it'd be worth it.
That's supposed to be the end of a bench and the second hint to my social issue art project. The first hint is here. Good luck with your guesses. I think the first person to get it right will win a prize. :]


  1. Bah, I never get great scores on those things, and I'm supposed to be the great writer!

    Dude. I got a 58 on my last math quiz. Whatever happened to the Bs I used to get?!?!?! D:

    If you do, you must postpostpost :)

    Well, obviously it does, considering you commented ;)
    Though I don't mean to enrage you! I'm sorry!!!

    Bahhah. Have you awoken from your writing coma, Lizzie? And still. I'd rather have them comment. It lets me know they're out there.

  2. My second guess: Homeless People.

    I took the English Regents exam, and I received a 83. D": Depressing. I really thought I had earned a 90+. UGH. I really wanted a high 90.
    I'm sure you'll do swell on the standardized test and receive a score of which you'll be proud.

    Congrats on the math quiz!

  3. higly doubt its a chocolate covered prettzle..ahahaha..happy V-day.

  4. Two years since I wrote down that I liked Basil in my diary.

    Yeah, I heard a lot of bad things about it, but I actually liked it. I dunno, it was sweet, if not a little predictable. You know?

    Haha, well, yes, everything is better in Scotland. I'd just like to have an SO on Valentine's Day. But chocolate is a good substitute.

  5. Woooo congrats on the math quiz. I used to suck at math.

  6. Egrets are gorgeous, and sixes are a pain in the ass to work for...