February 22, 2010

Open your lips, let out a song.

Open your heart, let it sing.
"Let Go" by Edison Glass.

Scarlett was right; my social issue project is about homelessness. Congrats, dear! Your prize is whatever your heart desires.

I've been painting the canvas for said project diligently the past few days. If I were to count the number of two dimensional bricks I've done, I think it's somewhere around 90. And I'm not even done. Close, but not done.

I miss talking on the phone. I used to spend almost an hour every evening chatting away with former good friends Ethan and Jade. Once their relationship dissipated, so did the conversations. I used to know their numbers by heart. Now, I'd be lucky if I could name a few, much less in the correct order. I think the change was necessary. However, I have extreme phone anxiety. I don't answer the house phone nowadays. Period. I also only answer my cell phone when it's from a listed contact of mine. It's bizarre.

I better do my English homework.


  1. Those red tights are jadorable :)

    Sometimes, I'll call up one of my friends to see if they wanna hang out, and we'll end up talking for an hour. Wih texting and everything that doesn't happen so much anymore.
    ...and that was a pointless story by Strawberry.

    I haven't had a big wave of new music in a while. That's why!

    I. ADORE. THAT. BOOK. Like, seriously, it's in a tie for my second book. If I don't buy it rightthisinstant I will DIE.

    Nah, Elaina's cool. She actually says hi to me sometimes, haha. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out it was her...like a huge weight off my shoulders...

    Hello. I can't wait till tomorrow.

  2. i have a thing about phones, too! i'll usually just let it go to the answering machine until i decide whether or not i want to pick the thing up.

  3. two of my best friends live far away and it sucks that we can only talk by the phone/ internet.
    I just stepped on your blog and I thinks it is really nice. so hey theree.
    btw, loved the the tittle of the post.

  4. Most guys hate talking on the phone because we cant think fast enough to avoid sounding awkward...

  5. I love that song you have on the iPod thing, Take Me to the Riot.

    Indeed. Too bad I spent the entire day inside. Oh well. It was snowing, after all.

    Too true! I could very well be a creep. It's okay. I probably wouldn't give YOU $400 either. Actually, I probably wouldn't give anyone that much money. Unless I was a billionaire and I was giving it to charity.

    I wish clothes weren't so expensive. And people wonder why I'm not "fashionable".

  6. Wow, that was quick response time!

    That's probably because I'm depressed, but whatever. People make me sad. Books make me sad. But I like books when they make me sad and I don't like people for the same reason.

    Never heard of them before, but that's my new favorite song.

    Haha, I guess not? I just couldn't think of the right words to say.