February 27, 2010

Sweet tangerine.

Have you ever broken open a York Peppermint patty? If not, go buy one ASAP and do so. Be sure to put it right next to your ear, or else you'll miss the faint, amazing sound. Sometimes, you have to enjoy the little things.

After sending creative, fun postcards and letters to Kai in the past, she finally got to return one recently. I've since been working on my response. It looks a little something like this:
They're mini-envelopes I constructed with paper and those are silver, shiny scrapbook-esque letters to adorn and seal the flaps. Inside each are slips of paper with the latest info I wanted to share. I manipulated it so the ideas flow in order with the letters to form the words "dear" and "Kai".
On the reverse side I drew something symbolic to represent what I wrote about in that particular envelope.
A close up of one where I drew a tiny Alice and quoted her.

I dislike being sick. You have no idea.


  1. That is fairly awesome, I must say. Sigh, I wish I had an excuse to be creative.

    I would've responded sooner, but I was waiting for you to blog.

    God, I love Yorks. They're, like, my favorite candy except for cherry cordials and Starbursts.

    Oooooh, my favorite line is "You despise me and I love you. It's not much but it's just enough to keep." I love the whole song, though.

    I forget was whatever you're describing as whatever.

    Haha, my word verification is faster. I know you don't do that anymore but it's funny because it's a word...:)

  2. I must say the envelopes are sheer genius...

    And you've also now gotten The Hush Sound stuck in my head...

  3. had never heard about Yorks before. I guess they aren't sold in my country (portugal, btw) :|
    I love the envelopes! you're really creative, girl :)
    and thanks for your comment. I'll definitely follow your blog :)

  4. york's are sooo good and i know what you mean about the sound. it sounds like it's something violent yet soft. you know what i mean? lol. maybe not.
    junior mints are probably better, though. true, they don't have a sound, but goopy minty goodness does it for me. in bite size form!