March 29, 2010

Bang, bang, the first six are for you.

Bang, bang, the seventh is for me. Great song.

I thought it was neat how the clouds behind/above the plane in this picture are in the formation of a plane, minus one of its wings. Perhaps I'm the only one who sees it. Yeah, so be it. It reminds me, though, of the other day when I was watching these birds fly near the pond and I was jealous. Why can't I take off and soar? And I don't mean in the dumb, metaphorical growing-up-and-reaching-my-potential sense, I'm talking the real deal: wings and all. I also wouldn't mind the incredibly sharp eyesight, you know, like an eagle. Which only makes me wonder if all eagles have super, I suppose 20/20, vision. I can't imagine what it'd be like to be the only eagle to need glasses.
These made me smile. I feel like such a little kid. If you think they are no different than your average Oreo, you are correct, my friend, but you see, it's a panda-wich so it's infinitely cooler.
That mini-harmonica necklace is new favorite accessory. You can actually play it! Also in this picture is my lovely shirt featuring a Degas dancer.

I would talk more about school and such, but really, it's SPRING BREAK.

I hope everyone is well.


  1. That's why if I could have a super power, I would most likely pick the ability to fly. Cause that would just be freaking awesome. And you're right, pandas definitely make any cookie a million times better :) I love your necklace too, that's fabulous! Happy spring break :D

  2. Pandas are like Oreos only cooler

  3. Datz cool.

    Quite the. Indeed. FISH AND CHIPS. CHERIO.

    Wow, um.....I have an IB school too. Basically all it means for us is we have to do a shitload of community service, only it's not required. Maybe it changes in high school?