March 15, 2010

It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement.

I just heard a Poison Control Center radio ad that went -- no lie -- "If you think you might be poisoned, call 222--whatever" in a sing-song-y cheery voice, as if they were trying to sell candy! I can understand the importance of such an ad, but does it have to be so disconcertingly happy? I wouldn't be happy if I was dying from poison. Would you?

I finished The Catcher in the Rye. I'm very glad I read it; it is such an influential book. It has inspired me to create an art project about/surrounding it. For now, though, I must focus on completing my social issue project and grandfather drawing.

Meanwhile, I started up this other small project that I'm hoping to enter into an arbor day contest. And actually finish in the foreseeable future. Yeah, that'd be nice.
It's a tree constructed out of recycled bottle caps from my mom's teas. I then deconstructed it so I could paint the otherwise white or gray caps brown to look more like a trunk. I'm also pasting it to a poster board.
It looks less impressive now. That will change. Hopefully soon.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my last entry. I'm incredibly relieved to be done with that darn standardized test. For this year, at least. It's all up in the air at the moment, but my class may get out of taking a standardized science test next year (11th grade) while this year's 11th graders are stuck taking it tomorrow.

I saw Up in the Air on DVD recently. Not bad, not bad. Kudos to director, Jason Reitman, for telling a believable, heart-felt story without boring me to death. I see why it was nominated for Best Picture.

I also saw The Last Station at the cinema in the past week. Despite being clearly an intellectual movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it and not just because there were plenty of close-ups of McAvoy's darling face. Yet, of course, that was not overlooked in the slightest. teehee.

Have an awesome week, everyone. I'll be commenting back in the ensuing days. I promise.


  1. "I then deconstructed it so I could paint the otherwise white or gray caps brown to look more like a truck."

    Uh, trunk?

  2. Bottlecap tree is gorgeous, and a simple stroke of pure genius. Bravo.

  3. Such a cool idea for a project! and it actually looks like a tree! :D