March 22, 2010

This is the world that we live in.

I am very glad I kept these shoes.
Funny how they looked odd on my feet a few years ago and were somewhat unfashionable, yet now I love them, I get compliments and life's good.

There's only four more days until my spring break begins and Wednesday is hardly a school day. We spend approximately 20 minutes in each class then are given the rest of the day to collect signatures from teachers for our registration sheets. Heck to the oh yeah.

I feel like I wasted this past weekend. Saturday I was unmotivated to do much of anything. When I did try to be productive, I was reading and taking notes about the Holocaust. Naturally, that didn't help. Sunday I woke up at 1:30, practically half the day gone, and my lower back hurting. Bah, I'll quit complaining.

The good news: I got a 96 on my math quiz! Hurray for a good start of the last quarter.

I just remembered I have Spanish vocabulary to write out twice in Spanish and once in English. GOO-RAH, RAWR!

We're currently analyzing an excerpt from Edgar Allen Poe's Tell Tale Heart in English. This is considered practice for our Cambridge exam come May. I'm not digging the whole work-in-a-group-with-people-that-you-may-or-may-not-like to complete an assignment that I feel requires very serious effort. I feel like, besides one group member, I have to drag out their input. Oh, well.
'Tis the tree reconstructed. I am going to be painting two of the lighter brown bottle caps darker, but that's easily fixable. What do you think?


  1. that's a sweet tree. (: what if for this arbor contest you made a huge forest of these bottlecaps? :O
    well done on the math quiz!
    i know what you mean about the shoes. the same thing happened to me... i wore these shoes in middle school, stopped wearing them for the whole converse craze for years and then i put them back on my feet about a year ago. yeah, they do still fit even though it's been about ten years now. haha. i had my growth spurt in 6th grade and it pretty much ended from there.

  2. ....did you delete your post? I could've sworn there was another one, more recent than this...

    That is a pretty cool tree, I must say :) You do have quite the artistic flair.

    Bah, it's okay! I don't exactly comment on your entries every time either. But what exactly is the Cambridge exam?

  3. Thank you for checking out my blog :)

    I really like those shoes! It's funny how things seem to go in and out of fashion so quickly. Hopefully the leggings worn as pants craze will die down once more :P

    I'm guessing spring break has started for you as of now, so woohoo! I hate those wasted weekends too, so hopefully spring break won't turn out to be one big wasted weekend! And I dislike working in groups too, unless I'm in luck and score a good one...

  4. I think it's one of the best and most ironic recycling efforts I've seen in a long while...

  5. So.. Eh..
    Jeez, I'm not good with these things..

    I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is lovely.

    There. Out with it. It's lovely and very entertaining to read. :) Voila. I said it. ..I'm actually a bit proud of that..

    I hope my brief spasm of the hand did not scare you. ^^