March 08, 2010

You say you want a revolution.

Tomorrow I take a state-wide standardized test with my fellow sophomores. If you fail, forget getting to advance to the next grade and until you pass it, you cannot graduate high school either. Yeah. No pressure. In all seriousness, though, I think I will pass. I've only been taking this kind of test since third grade; granted now that I'm even older the articles are "harder." If harder means boring, then yes, they're harder. The articles they choose are absolutely mind-numbing! One year we had to read and comprehend the ideas behind bar codes.

Well, that's that. I need my sleep.


  1. RE: well thank you. looking forward to taste those delicious York Peppermint Patties, haha.
    hum, my favourite sweet or candy? well, I'm pretty much addicted to every kinds of chocolate, if that counts. and this reminds me, recently I ate something absolutely delicious. they put milk chocolate melted into a cake apropriate for that. you know that chocolate waterfall from Willy Wonka's factory? haha, well... the chocolate was something like that. lmao. (sorry if I didn't explain it very well)

    I'm stressed about school too. I guess we all are.

  2. standardization simple ensures that in the least we'll all be smarter than we should hope to aspire to be, at least when it comes to taking tests about subjects the state hopes we think we know...but in the end you're filling in bubbles, and they're waiting to shoot your bubbles out of the sky...

  3. Oh, don't worry. You'll do fine! You're a good student. There's no danger of you failing.

    I think everyone does. Unless they're being judged in a good way. Oh, and I know what you mean. Except when I do that, my friends think it's funny. I giggle ALL THE TIME :)


  4. You will do great! But comprehending bar codes does sound dull. Hopefully this exam will be more interesting. Something about llamas maybe?

    Glad you are reading the genius JD Salinger : D

    Your gift to Kai is amazing. Love how you decorated the envelopes. If you need someone else to exchange creative wonders with I love doing that kind of stuff : )

  5. hahahaha. Standerdized tests. hahahaha. Man am I glad thats over with. Now I get to sleep in when all of the sophmores take it. I'm sure you'll pass, I don't know what it's like in your state but ours was insanely easy. Example question: What do you use to measure an angle, a)a compass b) a ruler c) a protracter or d) a clock. This was a question I was forced to answer at one point (it was the 7th grade version but whatever, I still got nearly 100% in math for the 10th grade one)
    So good luck!

  6. All the best on the test! so love your header.