April 13, 2010

The cake's in the oven.

The hours are slipping by! Seriously, where did the night go? My room is a disaster zone and I'm cranky. I went and tutored a friend in math and that went well but now I feel blah.

I am baking and decorating a cake for a, you guessed it, cake decorating contest and that's due Thursday. The only reason I entered was to receive extra credit in English class. I have absolutely no desire to win the grand prize -- a free yearbook -- because I already won one during the pumpkin decorating contest this past fall. Make sense? Point is, I'm not "in it to win it," this go around.


  1. You should post a picture of your finished cake, cause I bet it shall look awesome. Like the ones on that show Ace of Cakes! Those are pretty darn cool. Now I want cake, haha... :q

  2. I want a picture, too! And a bite of the cake XD