April 03, 2010

Close to home, far from me.

I had a startling revelation moments ago. I never wrote about seeing The Band of the Irish Guards and the Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (yes, it's a mouthful) perform nearby. It was amazing! It makes me want to try sword dancing. Danger and exercise: the best combination imaginable.

My only complaint was you couldn't always see the faces of the Irish Guards because, like the iconic guards at Buckingham Palace, they wore cylindrical, tall, fur hats.

My mom and I had pretty good seats, almost dead center, --though far enough back to not have to crane our necks-- in the orchestra. I'm glad I went; I had a good time.

My plans with Nikki to hit the beach today were canceled. This whole 'ruined plans' deal is not new for us, and thus I'm only mildly disappointed. The next person who updates their Facebook status with something to the effect of "going to beach AGAIN. I'm so tan. Blah, blah, blah," I may just want to punch. It's that frustrating.

I'm going to try to enjoy the day and a half I have left of spring break.


  1. Im tan all the time, but I never get to go to the beach...I just spend too much time outside XD...

    Danger with anything is fun, but something tells me I dont have the coordination to do anything that awesome...

  2. I am ghostly pale. In the sun, you can see me a mile away. I'm like a white beacon of paleness. Except when I'm red, which is often X(

    I keep getting your URL wrong! Gahhhhh!

    Gah, that sucks. It's especially miserable because my friend Nat, who (as you can see if you read her blog) has been hanging out EVERY DAY with the SAME PEOPLE. Bargernhcfuitw.

    I don't bother arguing with my parents, either. I know I'm right but they don't, and no matter how much logic I throw in their face, their finally argument is irrefutable; "Because I said so." And yes, I spelled irrefutable wrong. Ugh.

    HAHAHAHA! I haven't done my chores yet either. Eventually my mom will notice and yell at me for being on the computer.

    I'd lend you my teleport, but then I'd have to use it to get to you, and then I couldn't get back. You should get a teleport :(

    Sorry about your plans, by the way D: I know EXACTLY how you feel.

  3. Their hats are pretty cool :D I wish I had one like that, except I don't know if it would fit through the standard doorway haha.

    I'm sorry your beach plans got cancelled :/ I'm used to the whole getting-your-hopes-up-of-actually-doing-something-fun-only-to-have-everyone=cancel type of thing too unfortunately. Rawrness.

  4. :)

    Well, sometimes all the history is wiped from the internet, so I have to type out everything...its quite annoying...and then I keep clicking on the misspelled URL when I go to your blog, since it's in the history.

    CH'YEA! GO ME!

    *cough* Yes, well. Teleporters aren't expensive. You can build one yourself, from every day household objects! Like...pickles! And soap!

  5. I'll join you on the blog-everyday in April.

    At least you can go to the beach. Over here, the weather is not suitable yet to go wading in the ocean blue.
    I hate when plans get cancelled. It's something I am well familiar with.

  6. thats a pretty awesome picture of the guard :). ive seen 'em pretty often in london but their taller-than-me hats amaze me every time. their scarily stony expresions give me a major urge to do some major tickling too.

    i'm proud to say ive never been sunburnt in my life :D. but the closest i have to a beach (that i can get to on my own) is the shingley area underneath a bridge facing a rubbish dump :(

    and i love your blog so yay for the blogging-every-day in april.

    jk x