April 17, 2010


Take a look through my lenses. I swear my bangs have a mind of their own.

I just watched Iron Man for the first time. Aah-may-zing! I finally understand why almost everyone of my friends on Facebook and Myspace at the time of its theater release wrote about going to see it.


  1. Your glasses are pretty cool :D And I like the new header! It makes me long for the beach, which I have not been to since 2008. That's terrible!

    I've always heard such awesome reviews about Iron Man, but I have yet to see it! I shall, sometime...

  2. Yay Iron Man!!!!!!

    Dude, I love that picture. It's all beachy and stuff.

    There is a part of my bangs that NEVER attach themselves to the rest of my hair. 'Tis quite annoying, actually.

    And that is all of this fail of a comment.

  3. lol great idea for a portrait (: