April 26, 2010

Down the rabbit hole.

Aniesa kindly brought me a Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tart today. Finally, I'm cultured! And now I can stop getting the shocked looks I got when I told people I'd never had one before. I'm not sure they'll become my favorite snack, but perhaps from time to time I'll indulge.

I'm excited for my Catcher in the Rye themed art project. Meanwhile, I've thought about doing something Alice in Wonderland themed as well. Here's a sneak peak:
As evident by the shadow, the pictured Alice is a pop-up and can be flattened when the cardboard is folded closed. It won't be as amazing as the pop-up book made by Robert Sabuda, though. No way, Jose.

I'm extremely close to being done with my homeless man project. My teacher has been having me add things bit by bit to improve upon it so hopefully it will turn out extra awesome.

This Monday wasn't that bad. Still, Tuesday can be better.

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  1. Ooh, a hot fudge sundae in a Poptart? That sounds rather yummy... Your art project looks pretty darn neat so far :D Alice In Wonderland related things always seem to turn out pretty darn good!