April 08, 2010

I am the sole surivivor.

Survivor is an interesting show. It was the beginning of reality TV as we know it and for its first few years on the air, I tuned in with my family to watch. After about the seventh season, I drifted and would watch The Amazing Race instead. Then, once that became repetitive and the competitors less likable, I began watching dramas like House, M.D. and most recently, with the resurgence of comedy, 30 Rock and Community.

However, Hulu.com and all of its awesomeness enabled me to see Survivor: Samoa (season 19) right on my computer. I was hooked again. It was no surprise after the announcement of next season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, I was going to try to continue to be a dedicated viewer. As predicted, I have been and I'm even watching it on the actual TV with my brother and mom. If you watch it, too, I don't know if it was a mistake to vote out Coach now, but he did nothing to influence anyone any other way to save his behind so basically "too bad, so sad," he's gone. I'm excited to keep watching. I hope the Heroes can keep riding their high until the merge of the tribes.

Now off to watch The Mentalist. Simon Baker is gor-geous!

Oooh, and book club gathering tomorrow! :D


  1. Coach was voted out? Darn! I watched Flash Forward instead of Survivor and was in fact going to watch it tomorrow on Hulu, hahaha. But that's okay, I don't mind spoilers :) Hurrah for the Heroes finally starting to win things!

  2. I've never been a really dedicated viewer, but the episodes I've seen I've liked!


  3. I am an avid fan of both Survivor and The Amazing Race.

    I think it was an incredibly stupid move to vote off Coach. He was the Villain's only chance of winning physical competitions. The girls are weak, especially Courtney, and they know it.
    I think Coach didn't try to save his butt because he was SO blindsided. He thought Courtney was leaving, and if it were leaked that the tribe was gunning for him, He would have expected Jerri to clue him in. She didn't though. And it sucks tremendously he left. AND the only reason he left was because Russell has Napoleon Complex and wants to take over the entire game.

    Phew! I'm done. Sorry, I just really love Survivor game. =)

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  5. I wish I didn't have so much other TV to watch or I'd definitely add Survivor. I miss that show!

  6. I remember the first season of Surivor! haha but that's about it for what I've watched. Hulu is a divine creation :P

    I really like your blog by the way! I found it off of Jocelyn's blog.

    Hope you have a great weekend :)
    ~ nicole.

  7. Ugh, can't stand Survivor, but I really like the Mentalist