April 07, 2010

I tried.

I don't have much to say. I should be working on my history project yet I want to play Careers with my brother and chat with a friend.

I did my math homework, though. Binomial expansion? Piece of cake. I mean, BRING IT ON.

The only thing I'm looking forward to this week is the big book club gathering at another high school nearby.


  1. Binomial expansion :) My absolute favourite.

    The sad thing is.. I'm not actually kidding. I find it pretty satisfying! And.. (to quote mean girls).. I do love the way maths is the same in every country.

    history project? meh. at least you've got SOME work done. I have SO much revision to do for my AS exams (british thing) and I've barely even started.. even though I've had 2 and a half weeks off school and only have another 1 and a half to go! uh-oh.

  2. hm, ponoma... no i don't think i have. :d
    yeah california is getting really nice after last week. there was this huge thunderstorm, it was awesome. but yeah, now it's warming up a bunch and super sunny. :)

  3. Blagh. Math. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Even when I understand it completely, I always end up making some completely stupid mistake like forgetting the negative sign or something. And I really do not want to take pre-calc next year... :P

    And the word verification is fosho, which I thought was too great to not mention ;D