April 06, 2010

Let's rewrite history.

Here's the completed drawing of my grandfather I drew! Notice the suggestion of an American flag in the background?My grandfather is a WWII veteran. He served as a second class radio man in the Navy. He knows morse code and would help decipher the various Japanese messages they got.

We're covering WWII in U.S. History class currently and we've been assigned group projects. We must each present an alternate scenario or ending to WWII. We start from August 6th, 1945 and say why the U.S. decided to not drop the bombs that day and ultimately we rewrite history based on loose facts and theories of what could've happened instead. My group got the scenario "what if there was an allied invasion of Japan?"


  1. Wow, great drawing!
    And the idea for the project is exciting.
    Continue to be awesome!

  2. I love the drawing! I have absolutely no artistic skill, so it's quite amazing to me indeed hehe :) My grandpa was a WWII veteran as well! The project sounds pretty interesting indeed, rewriting history and all.

  3. some people justify using the atomic bomb by pointing to the alternative: invading mainland Japan. Maybe they used the bomb because they saw how many lives they lost taking over those tiny islands then extrapolating that to an area the size of Japan.

  4. nice job on the clothing! (: