April 29, 2010


My grandfather named his Mii that on our Wii. Next. He says he may change his name to that because then lines would be a breeze. He's a clever man. Random fact: I have his distinct, pointy chin.

Anyway, with less than four weeks to go, school is almost over. Our last day is May 21st! Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I won't have to show up on odd days after that to sit for my Cambridge/IGCSE exams. Ah, those make me a nervous wreck.

Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting my yearbook. We should be getting it soon. Apparently the publisher had manged to misspell our school name so there's been a delay. No one's perfect?

My next year courses are going to be challenging, but I think I'm up for it. I wasn't going to sacrifice a fun elective, thus I'm taking Drawing and Painting 3. (It's an added bonus that the fantastic teacher I've had the past two years will be staying instead of retiring.)
AICE English Language, AICE World History, AICE Biology, AICE Math, Spanish 3 and pre-AICE Physics.

What is AICE, you ask? This will tell you more.


  1. I have my grandfather's curved pink fingers :D

    WHAT? You get out on May 21st? You are so lucky! Our last day is June 11th ): Rawrness.

    Our middle school yearbook used to be so terrible... they misspelled everyone's names and even put "?????" underneath of my one friend's picture because apparently they had no idea who the heck she was, hahaha...

    Is AICE kind of like AP? That sounds difficult O:

  2. I get AP exams next week, but I still have to endure 30 more days of classes before testing week.