April 04, 2010

Now run along, and don't get into mischief.

One of my most vivid memories of preschool is of The Tale of Peter Cottontail being read aloud and this girl, who I did not particularly get along with, being privileged enough to hold the plush Peter and help act out the story.

I also fondly remember wrangling the crazy daisy (pictured below, in case you weren't raised during the 90s like I was. Oh, those were the days.)
(via here.)
from its haphazard spinning with my friend Maddy to wash off our muddy feet. Needless to say the supervisors were not pleased. I think our punishment was no snack, or we were served snack last -- something like that. But I don't hold a grudge.

Today is the first year my family, er, the Easter bunny, decided not to decorate/dye hard boiled eggs and hide them around the house. I also didn't receive a basket upon waking up. Oh, well. It's the price of getting older, right? It doesn't mean I couldn't go to Target with my mom last night and stock up on jelly beans. The toasted marshmallow bean REALLY tastes like a toasted marshmallow. You should try it sometime. I believe it comes in the assortment bag.

I go back to school tomorrow, thus I hope I can keep up with BEDA like I have been. Only time will tell.

Happy Easter!


  1. Same! I just really didn't want to decorate eggs this year. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a bunny...chocolate or stuffed. Sadness :(

    Happy Easter to you too!

    YOU DON'T LIKE PICKLES?!?!?! Well, fine then. You can also use tissue paper, if it comes to that.

  2. Haha, I remember those crazy daisy things :D I never had one, but my cousins did, so we always used it when I went there for the summer...

    The Easter bunny didn't pay a visit to my house either... I don't think last year either, but I don't really remember. We actually did get a huge thing of jelly beans as well though, from Costco! I hate how some of the red ones are really good strawberry ones, but others are nasty hot tamales :P

  3. ahh being a child of the 90's, i had the crazy dasiy, and the old school slippin slide and DO YOU REMEMBER JELLY SANDALS!!!! theu were the best
    yes i didnt decorate eggs either which i miss immensely, it was the best!

  4. yep. i started my break last thursday. :D