April 28, 2010

Sharpie pens.

Have nothing to do with this entry. They're just placed on my desk next to my computer. So naturally, for lack of a better title, I wrote what I saw.

There were two notable events today. Notable event number one: numerous compliments on my mustache necklace from ModCloth.com and notable event number two: attending an awards ceremony that recognizes excellent kids in schools nearby, myself included. The latter is a ceremony held bi-annually and I've been going to it nearly every year since Kindergarten (I was recognized for being a poetry contest winner.)

My mom and brother started watching Sherlock Holmes without me and I don't feel like watching it now. I don't feel like much of anything...


  1. Is it just one of those days? I'm sorry.

  2. Sharpies. Oh my God. Sharpies.


  3. Mustache necklace = epic win! And congrats on being an excellent kid once again, haha. I quite enjoyed Sherlock Holmes.