April 21, 2010

Sore throats are the worst.

I have a math quiz tomorrow which I'm just dying to get over with. But you know how it goes: I stress no matter what.

Here's the version of my bottle cap tree, complete with tissue paper, that I entered into an Arbor Day art contest,. As I said the other day, I won 3rd place. I went to pick up my prize today. Woot!
I want to do a few things to touch it up, yet I'm proud of it. I liked my idea and am very glad I carried it out. I'm $20 richer because of it. Now I can use the money to pay for the mattes and canvases I've gotten from my teacher. It's a cycle, that's for sure.

I wish I didn't have a cold. Blegh. And if wishes were fishes...oh, you finish it!


  1. If wishes were fishes, I'd be in freaking Red Lobster.

    Or in school, where I will be in about two hours.

    My throat is the best.

  2. I have a math quiz tomorrow, too... I always freak out about them no matter what.

    The finished bottle cap tree looks awesome :D That's so great that you won! Maybe you can use your $20 to buy some sore throat lozenges? ;)

  3. yay, it's finished! yay, you got third place! yay, you got $20! lol sounds like a good time.
    feel betterrrr :(