April 14, 2010

You had me going for a minute there.

The cake is finished. I have an upset stomach due to the unorthodox amount of frosting I consumed while decorating it, though.

The cake had to fit one of the three categories: One, a book cover. Two, incorporate the theme "communities thrive at your libraries." Three, a book character. I chose the third and did Napoleon from Animal Farm. Here's a picture, as requested:

And two more for good measure.
You couldn't tell in the first photo, but there's a barn, too -- made out of Twizzlers!
That's a famous quote of Napoloen's.

This next photo was last year's entry. I think this year's takes the cake by far. (Oh, I couldn't resist.) But I could be bias. What do you think?
I am off to dreamland.


  1. That is super super cool!! One of my favourite books. Except I recently went to see a play version of it.. Not just a play, but a musical. Not quite convinced that a hard hitting stalin allegory translates all too well into a song and dance type affair, but... it was an interesting experience! The best song was, in my opinion, a whole cast number where they all chant 'four legs good, two legs bad' in a sort of round. niice.


  2. Oh my crap, that looks freaking awesome! :D We're reading Animal Farm later this year in English, so once we do I'll definitely appreciate it even more hehe. But yeah, it looks great!